How to Know if He/She Really Likes You/Just being a nice guy?


I met a wonderful man and I think he will be a great contact. I am a stylist, designer and model. I was contacted by a friend to style an upcoming Pop artist which I immediately took! I started to seek out some designers and a friend on fb suggessted this designer who is also a director at his own company. He looked at my work and studied the artist and he agreed to work with us. He says,"When I saw your photos I said to myself now that is a beautiful woman inside and out. I am willing to help you out." He really opened his arms for me and did such great favors. I am impressed and did so much! He really spent a lot of time texting me on fb about work, my visual ideas and his opinions. He really responded to my messages pretty quickly. Last evening I took the artist to his showroom and we had a was lovely to finally meet him. He was telling the artist and I that he is normally a very busy guy and he hardly gives that much time to anyone therefore he stats that he loves connecting with people and getting to know them. He says that his assistant was like whatttt....after she saw how many messages we have been giving out to one another on facebook...because he is such a busy man. Interesting...this designer is very straight and lovely man. He said some wonderful things about me on fb and I said the same.
Last night when we were taking pictures he stood right next to me and he put his hand gently, barely on my waist and let it he was giving me a message or something and he was leaning and tilting his head close to my if he was trying to smell me? Maybe i am overreacting but it seemed to be that way.
I am curious if he is just being a very nice man...networking or perhaps he is just interested in me...possibly smitten by me?

Greetings Alison,

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to answer your question. It's a strong possibility he may be into you, I normally would say yes... but if he only communicates on FB and hasn't asked for your number or ask you out he may be either 1) being sociable 2) still trying to get a feel of how you are as an individual first. I can understand being busy, but it would take less time to call you vs. posting and messaging back and forth. I say continue to enjoy getting to know him and follow his lead if you're smitten by him.

Feel free to keep me posted,



How to Know if He/She Really Likes You

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