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How to Know if He/She Really Likes You/I like him somuch, but does he feel the same?


QUESTION: Im 25 and hes 34, and we've known eachother for about 2 months. Since we first met, we have been non stop talking on Facebook, almost everyday! He always asks me questions to keep the conversation going, and If I end it, he always come back to chat again. I'm starting to really like him. But he just wont ask me out.
I know he only got out of a relationship 3 months ago, and she treated him awfully. She did come back new years to try win him back, but he told her he didnt love her no more. He told me before when hes around he'd like to take me out for a drink, but he still hasnt asked.

He's asked me questions like am I single, am I dating anyone, whos my dream type of guy, and always telling me how amazing I am "I have every faith in you fulfilling your dreams and becoming an established sucessful actress. You seem like such a talented, ambitious, caring, funny, lovely person who's beautiful inside as well as out!! And I hope that all your dreams come true!"

When I told him I wanted a boyfriend, he told me: "You're only young and have a whole life and amazing career ahead of you yet!! You're far too young to worry about settling down - you have your career to focus on and have lots of fun times. You shouldn't let anyone get in the way of your dreams and aspirations, which can sometimes happen when you get into a serious relationship. It's obvious how important your career is to you".

Im worried that he will never ask me now, what should I do? I kind of blurted out to his best mate I was starting to like him. And im 90% sure he would have told him..But still nothing..

ANSWER: Greetings Sarah,

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to answer your question. Believe me when I tell you this....if a guy is 100% into you they will ask you out. Point Blank, UNLESS there are some insecurities - maybe the age difference is a factor. My suggestion is stop being available to him, do you only communicate on facebook? Has he asked for your phone number? Don't always be able to talk to him when he's wanting to talk. You have to show him you're a prize and not waiting on him to make a move - guys view this as needy - which scares the hell out of them. Tell yourself (whether it's true or not) he's not interested and move on. If he's truly interested but insecurity is getting the best of him he'll recognize you pulling away and try to get closer to you - hopefully by asking you out.

I hope I've answered your question to your satisfaction, if not and you have more questions please feel to follow-up.

Good luck!


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QUESTION: Hey Latoya,

Thank you so much for your reply. You have lifted a weight off my shoulders so thank you!!

It is a really confusing situation, he showed some much interest, wanted to know so much about me but wont commit. And no he hasnt asked me for my number yet. We still talk on facebook.

I forgot to also mention, his best mate even said to me "have you told him you like him? Sometimes Paul needs things spelled out to him. But deep down I think he thinks hes out of your league". But I asked him out! I made a move and he was unavailable. I shouldn't have to chase him, and ask him out again.

As facebook has invented the new "seen message" add on. If he does message me at all, should I open it so he knows i read it? Or dont open it for a whole day or so, so it looks like im busy? because I've been down this road with him, I played hard to get and took 3-4 hours to answer him, and he did it back to me! So yea its really confusing :( x

Hello again Sarah, nice hearing back from you. If you asked him on a date and he started he was unavailable, but did not reschedule to a time he was free he's not interested. If he hasn't asked for your number he's not interested. I understand what his friend says, but you showed your interest when you asked him out.

As for the time to respond to his messages, I wouldn't even focus on when to reply, but I know it can be challenging when you like someone. If he takes a few hours you take longer, like the next day. It's ashame the cat and mouse games must be played. :(

You have to ask yourself...Do you really want to invest time in a guy whose only form of communication is a message every few hours? You're too good for that. As for the situation being really isn't at all. We as women make things complicated for ourselves, where as for men things are more black and white....Either they do or they don't.

The saying "There are other fish in the sea" is one of the best sayings.
...As I've stated, you deserve better. :)

How to Know if He/She Really Likes You

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