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How to Know if He/She Really Likes You/She likes me and her ex? what do i do



I have mad feelings for this girl I have been hanging out with for last 2 months. We both confess to each other a couple of weeks. She worried about progressing forward as the guy she has been dating for 3 years (they currently on a break), is still on her mind every now and then and she cant simply let go 3 years of past with him all of a sudden?

I didn't go all sensitive about it, I was straight and told her that I like you no matter what, I didn't want to just hold it in,just need to let you know to get it off my chest.I told her its your decision to go with me or the past and etc. She appreiated that alot (but i dont know if thats a good idea)

Anyways she messages me alot, buys presents etc etc. But i dont know what to do? do I just keep doing what Im doing (acting all cool about it)until she picks me? or what? i dont know.

Hello Kevin,

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to answer your question. I apologize greatly for the delay in my reply - I had a tragic loss in my family and have been out of sorts for some time and just now signing back in to my computer to realize I had waiting messages.

Never do you want to be the "rebound" guy, which based on the little bit you've shared you will end up being just that. It's clear she's not ready to move on and therefore you DEFINITELY DO NOT want to just hang around until she decides. Now, I'm not saying to stop talking to her all together, be her friend - but continue to get to know others. You have to show her that although you care, you deserve more than just waiting around for her to make up her mind. You have to show her you're this great, CONFIDENT guy with a lot to offer - how do you do that? By your actions, not your words.

When she messages you, don't be so quick to respond, go a few hours or a day or two without responding. If you guys sometime hang out, decline her invitation from time to time. I know this may seem like game playing - but really it's not. You have to show her or anyone you're interested in for that matter that although you like/care for them you won't be hanging around. If they really don't want to lose you or miss out on being in a great relationship with you then they will not let you get away - BELIEVE ME!  If she starts following your lead in not messaging as much back, etc... and eventually fades away then she wasn't that into you to begin with.  

I hope this helps, good luck and please feel free to follow-up if need.



How to Know if He/She Really Likes You

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