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How to Know if He/She Really Likes You/If he even likes me, should we be messing around?


Okay so I work at a smaller restaurant/sports bar and in the kitchen there are like five of us besides management. I'm hesitant to start anything with a co worker because I will see them every day if something goes wrong, and we really need the staff so I wouldn't want him to quit over it or something.

But I don't even know if he likes me?

like some examples are that he started asking for hugs when I leave (I'm usually only day shift and he works nights) and not in a weird way, it was cute, and now I kind of like it, and he'll follow me out to my car if I'm leaving when he's taking a delivery so we can talk for a second, but never about anything personal. The other day I was going to see a movie and he asked if I wanted company but he had to work late so I hung out at work and we talked / hung out in between his deliveries, my boss even made a joke asking if we were making out in the back. (both of us are really shy and awkward so we just kind of laughed it off)

if it helps I'm almost 21 and I think he's either 21 or 22

Hello Rachael,

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to answer your question. I apologize greatly for the delay in my reply - I had a tragic loss in my family and have been out of sorts for some time and just now signing back in to my computer to realize I had waiting messages.

Based on the information you've shared I would say it is a strong possibility that he may like you. I've tried the work romance and it ended up awful, but I know of some office romances that ended in marriage, family and they are still going strong. In my personal opinion I think the pace you both are moving in getting to know each other is awesome and I think you should just continue to go with the flow of things. If he is indeed shy like you say then eventually he will work up the courage to ask for your phone number or to ask you out on a date. It's obvious he's interested in you on a friendship level and a lot of times developing a friendship first is extremely important when it comes to shy men taking the next step. Try not to think about starting anything with him or about the possibilities of disaster because he's a co-worker. As women we sometimes over analyze situations, just relax your mind and enjoy getting to know someone who may end up being a really great guy.

Good luck!


How to Know if He/She Really Likes You

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