How to Know if He/She Really Likes You/why did he care so much?


my ex deleted me on facebook so I posted a picture of me with a caption that said "I look so good without you" he ended up texting me that day saying " I like how you can post things like we were absoutley nothing you know what you, you can just throw my hat away or do whatever you want with it, I don't even have to deal with it, its fine, I wish we could have stayed friends but apparently not" so either his friend told him about the picture or he was creeping on my facebook because its public. so I told him I was hurt that's why I did it, and he remade his online dating site, so I told him I was hurt about that and he was like 'honestly, I don't even get on it, but its fine like you said we can never be friends but I will never hate you and you're still a great person, I will always love you, I will never forget you" I told him I still wanted to be friends and he said "we still can but we need a little time to not be jealous of each other" we broke up because he wanted to hang with the guys more and hes in the army so he said it was stressful for us to be away from each other and it wasn't fair to me.

Hi Samantha,

He cared so much about the picture because he still cares and has feelings from you. From what you shared with me in your letter, it sounded like he truly didn't even want to part ways, but thought at the time that it was the best solution for both of you. I think he has accepted the fact that you two are no longer together, but when you take the time to form a special bond to someone, it takes a while to adjust to.  I do believe that he was being truthful with you, that he does still want to be in your life, and does want to be your friend, but more often than not, in situations like this where the two people were pretty close, it's next to impossible to be friends until both parties are over each other and the relationship.  This guy has been very honest and forthcoming with you about his feelings, and that's a pretty amazing thing.  For now, give him time to clear his head and figure things out for himself. Oh, and no more posts on Facebook like that. He'd probably never admit it to you, but either seeing that picture or hearing of it really hurt his feelings. Please, let's be kind to one another. :)

I hope this answers your question, Samantha, and if you have any more questions, I'd be happy to help.



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