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Okay so I like this guy that I've known through whatsapp( a chat messenger on a mobile) we went out three times. The first he only came and said hi and the second two he went out with me but my bestfriend was with me. I didn't want to meet him alone. The. We used to talk like everyday. And he wanted to surprise me on my prom night and come see me but he told me to call him when I arrive there and I didn't. I felt that he was so interested in me and then all of a sudden he ignored me he didn't call or text or anything and then he apologized and said he has exams. Then the same thing happened again a few days ago but this time I really feel like he's ignoring me. And when I texted him I was like what's wrong he said nothing I know I don't ask but finals are almost coming up. He keeps giving excuses and I feel now that he lost interest in me. Do you think he lost interest in me? I'm not going to talk to him again because the last thing is I texted him and he didn't answer. His birthday is coming up, he told me the day when we used to talk for hours, If I call him on his birthday he would think how come I still remember the day. And I have my finals too so I might be busy. Should I tell him happy birthday or no? And do you think he lost interest? What should I do now? I don't think he'll call me again. Please help me. Thank you :)

Hi Sara,

From what you've shared with me in your letter, it sounds to me like he likes you on a platonic level - but it seems like he senses that you like him on a more romantic level. It seems that he's not wanting to take things to a romantic level, and this is why he seems to be ignoring or avoiding you. Not that he doesn't like you, just that he's not looking to take things to that level at this time. You can most certainly wish him a happy birthday, I'd say, but after that, you might do better only trying to remain friends with this one and looking for someone else to be romantic with. Not what you want to hear, I know, but I do have to tell you the truth as to what I see here.

I hope this answers your question, and if you have any more questions, I'd be happy to answer them.



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