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Hey there!
First of all thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.

I'm 23 years old and he's 21.
So i started working at this brand new store in october and unfortunately i am falling for my co-worker,Adam.
He is everything i'm looking for in a boyfriend...but after working together for a few weeks i found out he's taken.
To be clear i'm not that kind of woman that'd steal him or ruin their relationship,but i don't wanna let him go either.

His behavior is confusing,like he always come up to me and sks what's up even if he already asked that question 30 minutes earlier.
He also takes boxes out of my hand for no reason...i've noticed he only does this to me,and of course when i lift something semi-heavy he alwys gets mad at me for not asking him to help me.

Everytime he talks to me he looks deeply into my eyes,like he wants to get into my head... He always smiles and giggles when i tease him.
He also touch me randomly or when our hands touches he never pulls it away,but an another co-worker sid he touches her back too...i've never seen do that to others though.He often says i am the nicest girl and he always tells me i do my job perfectly.

a few days ago i got mad at him and i was so mad i just straight up ignored him,he saw that i was nice to others and i was in a good mood but when he was in a room with me i barely talked to him and didn't look at him.
3 days past like that when he used my own medication on me,he did the exact same thing to me.When i was in the room with him he got really mad,like throwing boxes and stuff,everyone felt the tension between us...then he lost it and he asked me what's my problem etc.
We were yelling at eachother then he said he won't talk to me anymore,after my 30 min. break i went up to him and told him i was mad at him cuz he hurt me and it hurt beause he sid that thing and i expec more from him.He smiled and seemed like we are ok,but i wasn't sure so i texted him.
I apologized,told him i wasn't fair with him,he didn't text me back.
The next day he pulled me aside and told me he was busy and he left work at 11 pm,but he thinks i shouldn't have apologized cuz i was right.

the other confusing thing is tht we re the only ones at work that not friends on fb,i know it's silly but it seems like he kinda wnts distants due to his relationship but in the meantime he likes me.
At least that's wht i think...

So my questions are: Do you think he likes me?Wht should i do?
I really don't want to give up on him.
p.s.: it seems like he isn't in love nor it's a super serious relationship( when they are talking on the phone it sounds like two friends were talking)

Hello Alexandria,

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to assist you. Based on the information you've shared it is a strong possibility Adam likes you, but they key thing to remember is he "is" in a relationship. Despite how his relationship appears you must respect the fact that he is taken. You say you do not want to give up on him, but you must tell yourself you deserve someone who is available because an unavailable guy can never fully give you what you desire or deserve.
My advice is to keep things platonic, like you have been doing and try not to put too much of your emotions into him. Hold out for the great guy who is also single and ready to get to know a great woman.

I hope this response has been a satisfactory one.

Thank you and Happy Holidays.


How to Know if He/She Really Likes You

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