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There's this guy I used to work with, I now work for another company but in the same building and the same floor as the guy does, well, he passes by my office everyday and takes the stairs when there's an elevator he could take that's even closer to the door way, well I notice how he walks around like he's the one day he was getting on the elevator and he was like u comin I said yes, so he holds the door for me, I said thank you....I in turn ask do you have a gf, he smiles at me and says no......then I asked do you have a wife, he said no.....I in turn say I see why..he says why....I said cus you are a cocky pompus jack azz who thinks he is all that and a bag of chips cuz he's cute....dude said nothing, but put his head down and started smiling at me...but still said nothing and now ever since then he makes sure he sees me everyday in some fashion just to say hi.....he'll tap my door to get my attention and or he'll stick his head in the doorway with this big ol smile on his face and say HEY.....I got my hair done and today I seen him in the hallway on my way to the breakroom and I waved and he stopped and stared at me and  smiled at me and whats up with that? he's been doing this for a while now, im 31 and hes about 35... will he ever ask me out?

Hi Sasha!

Good day to you!

Oh yes, he'll ask you out all right - if you give him the green light to. I LOVE that you put him in his place, and showed him some sass. To be honest, this is what has got his attention in the first place. Good for you, girl! Now, if you want him to ask you out, you're going to need to display that same confidence and sass. It's really very easy, and since you've already got a healthy amount of self-esteem, this will be especially easy for you. :) Next time you talk to him, just tell him that some amazing things have been going on in your life. I'm sure that there have been, so don't worry if you don't think so. When he ask you what, (and he will!) you can tell him something like, ''Oh, I'll tell you all about it - when you ask me to dinner.'' and leave it at that. Just smile at him, and leave it like that.  This way, you're not asking him out, but you're giving him permission to ask YOU out.  You're also showing him you're brave, confident, sexy, and sassy - and what man doesn't want a woman like that? ;)

I hope this answers your question, Sasha, and if you need any more help, I'd be happy to assist you!



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