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QUESTION: Q: I met a guy in a place I was working in for two weeks. On the first day of meeting, himself and other guy were clearing out a room. And the two of them came out of the room carrying stuff. When this guy saw me he made the a remark about the other guy carrying much heaver things, to me. " Oh Jamie is show of" and in passing he stopped to help me out with the photocopier machine. But down what he was caring and begin to show me. The other guy Jamie called him to help him with something else from the room. Told him to wait and proceeded to show me what to do. The next (2nd day after meeting for the first time)day during the day, he come into the room we both work in. This guy I just met began ask many questions, latterly one after another. He began with asking  me  " Is your Dad Paul Reid and he knows Donal" (the own of the business). Then do you live with your brother? These questions he wouldn't of know unless he asked, someone that knows me better. The next Q's weren't in this order but the Q's where latterly one after another. I would just see it as just making conversation if the Qs were just asked now and again, throw out the day or week but they were one after another and nothing else in the conversation.Another Q was  Do you drink,what would you drink ? Where do you drink? Is it close to where U live? How many are in my family? Do U have kids Julie-ann ? Do I have plans for the weekend? Where we were sitting in the office I was at my desk and had my back to him. He was a good few feet away from me at his desk.I would need to turn around each time to answer his Q with him being directly behind me. Much later in the day close to lunch time he asked if I was going out for my lunch break? And lastly was asked another day, about how I get home " do U take the train home"?  I'm  just wondering, what you think would U see these Q's as personal, is he showing interest. As I said they weren't now and again Qs to make conversation, throw out the day/ days they were one after the other. I would like to met up with him sometime,he also goes to College like I do ,when he's not working. Q: What would be the best e-mail to send him with out embarrassing myself by asking the wrong way. Particularly if I'm unsure on if he's just being nice or is interested. Would like to met to find that out though,so how to ask?

ANSWER: Hello Julie-Ann!

Thank you for writing in today. Well, from what you've described in your letter, it sounds like this bloke has taken more than a casual interest in you. I do believe that he has a romantic interest in you, and since it is in the beginning stages, he wants to get to know you as much as possible. This is a very good sign, Julie-Ann.  :)

So, you've asked what would be the best email to send him and what to say, but I have an idea that will have 10x the impact on this bloke. You've shared that he asks you lots of questions about yourself, which is great. The next time he gets into one of those questions frenzies when you're talking, just simply look at him, smile, and say something like, ''We can have a nice long chat..when you ask me to hang out this weekend, and I'll answer all your questions then.''  Easy. Effective. Slightly cheeky, yet lets him know you're confident, and that he'll have to work for you. Plus, this is worded in such a way that it doesn't sound like you're asking him out, so it leaves the risk of rejection very low, yet it gives him the permission he needs to make a move.  If he doesn't take the bait, you have your answer, but I truly don't think that's going to happen based on what you've shared, Julie- Ann. :) All you have to do is show him just a bit of confidence, sass, and class, and you've got this in the bag. ;)

I hope this answers your question, and if you need any more help, I'd be happy to assist.



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QUESTION: Hi Nicolette
   Thank you for your message, I'm delighted to hear what you had to say. The other day I sent an e-mail to him, what do you make of this e-mail I sent him, how does it come across to U... The e-mail was this (e-mail)...

Hey Mark
Hope it's ok, when leaving last week on Friday, I asked Joanne for your email address. Wanted to wish you good luck (also with your furture plans) with your up and coming exams, I'm sure you will do great!.  Do you have another level yet to do, of the course again in September?

My College will be throwing our exams at us, when I come back  in the door :0( after the Easter holidays, thay gave us the 27 March untile 13April off :0).

If your up for meeting up sometime or need to get in touch with someone to vent Haha!! from the stresses of the exams. Your more then welcome to drop me a text : ....

Enjoy your weekend


ANSWER: Honestly, Julie-Ann, this sounds a bit platonic, meaning friendly. Now, of course, being friendly is not a bad thing in general, but since you want this fellow to be interested in you romantically, you have to be careful about coming off as merely friendly. You have to let your flirty, sassy side out too, or else you'll wind up in the dreaded friend zone.  It takes a bit of practice, but it can  be done. :)

Does that help? If you have more questions, you know where to find me. :)



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QUESTION: Hey Nicoltte
  Thanks for your reply,my e-mail comes across friendly.....yikes!! I have not heard back from him yet (few days now)  with it being friendly why would he not still reply, if as you say he showed interest in me? I left oppositions for him to contact me in the e-mail.The e-mail I sent him might just be a  work e-mail (not 100% sure). So with say that he did mention that (sent the email to him last Saturday) last weekend hes studying for exams. So I am wondering, would he be off work this week studding or (but he has been on facebook) doing the exams. I e-mailed someone I know that works with him.In the e-mail I mentioned about mark,if he is off work due to his exams. Or I'm thinking, the last week I was there, they were talking about gutting out and sorting out. The place out in work because in April they will be moving premises.So the building they are in can be fixed up & then move back in at some stage. So is he to busy to check his e-mails, I wonder? I don't know what to be thinking,would like to hear back something to know his response to the e-mail. But say he did read it & no reply from him,or even still hasn't checked his e-mails. what to do next? I couldn't keep e-mailing him, if I only knew whats what....did he read it, did he not read it yet....:o(   haha!! please, help !!  Thanks for your advice

Woah there- your thoughts are all over the place, and you are much too worried about this.  There are practically countless reasons why he hasn't answered your email yet, but worrying about those reasons won't help you. It's also good to know that men put much less emphasis on communication, especially electronic communication, than women do.  In other words, he most likely received your email and read it, but didn't feel compelled to respond to it. Now, that doesn't mean that he thinks your message wasn't important,  just that he didn't put it at top priority, but rather other things have precedence right now, such as his exams. It's just how guys are, and I hope it's not something that offends you.  So from here on in, I suggest that you try and have face to face contact with him, if possible, rather than email, so this way, things won't get lost in translation, and it won't bother you so much.



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