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Hi Nicolette, second question in a week (thanks for your great answer first time around) I am trying out internet dating and am self conscious of my age. I know I am very youthful for my age and people think I am 5-10 younger than I am. The problem I find is that if I display my age I basically attract women who are just too old for me - yet I can't lie or be deceptive about my age.

I think 8/10 people probably behave and have a lifestyle that society expects them to have at their age , ie. 30s is when you are married, own a home and have already got children, but some of us have been happy to bee single, have our freedom, and have made other choices (for the time being at least) in our lives, and age can pigeon hole someone.

What are your thoughts here please Nicolette?

Best regards


Hi David!

I'm so glad you came back!

Congratulations on being brave enough to try internet dating -it's most certainly not for everyone. :) But I have to say, David, I truly don't think you should be so self conscious about your age, and here's why: have you noticed in the last 5-10 years or so, there are people in their late twenties, thirties, and beyond who have never been married or are divorced? I don't know an exact percentage, but the number seems to grow higher and higher as time goes on. It seems like some people are putting off that aspect of their lives until later and later on in life. I have a friend who's 46 and has never been married - not even close to it. I have no doubt in my mind that you'll most certainly experience the married life, the house, the kids, the whole nine yards, but know that you'll have all of that when the time is right for YOU, no matter what society says you should be doing, and when. You have to march to the beat of your own drum, and not worry what everyone else is doing at any specific age.

Having that been said, for your profile, one thing that you can do, without risking being deceptive, is you can just state your age group,ie, let's say you're 31, you can just say ''I'm in my early thirties. '' It's honest, and doesn't give too much away. If you're worried you will continue to attract women who are too old for you, you can also state on your profile the age range of the girl you're looking to meet, ie, 26-35, whatever your personal age range may be, that's up to you.  Part of the trickiness of internet dating is being able to sort of screen out the ones you're not looking for, to better your chances of meeting someone you are looking for. It's nothing to feel badly about, and there's nothing wrong with being selective.

I hope this helps, and if you have more questions, I'm a mouse click away. :)



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