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Hi Nicolette
 Sorry I must be driving up mad hahaha!! with all the Q's. Not offended at all, I know other things come first because they have to. Like him, I am also in College so I know all about it with juggling assignments and now exams. Then with hearing on my last day Friday of the two weeks there. I heard things are being put into motion because Mark ordered a skip for the next day Saturday. To sort out up stairs in the workplace because of the move they are doing in April. And couldn't do the following weekend because he has exams. You see I was only there for two weeks in the Solicitors office, as part. Of my course I'm on in College and this guy Mark.Also in College but also is doing two days a week working in the Solicitors place & that's how me met. I'm just worried, cause with him, you said he showed interest and here is me sending an e-mail that just sounds friendly. Would not want the guy to read it and then think "She's not interested in me". I just thought when I e-mailed him and said. About meeting up some time and also  saying. If he needed to get in touch with someone to vent Haha!! from the stresses of the exams.He's more then welcome to drop me a text. I thought  I was leaving it open for him, an opportunity if he was interested, he could getting in contact with me. For us to bump into one another again would be slim 99% out 100 of happening cause I was just visiting you could say, at his work place and then back to my day to day routing of college. Now I did say to the girls working there if they needed a help out with their move in April they can let me know but again unsure about hear from them again, but who knows... What do you think?          Thanks again, very much appreciated


Stop. Stressing. You will drive yourself up the wall if you continue to obsess over every little detail like this.  Here's what you have to understand - your email was subtle. It didn't necessarily express any romantic interest, so he probably is not aware. Rather than worry about the email, just try to focus on having face time with him. If you can't do this until after exams, that's fine, but please, please, don't focus on the email.  In the meantime,get out, enjoy your life, and keep doing you for now. He will catch up.


How to Know if He/She Really Likes You

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Everyone gets confused sometimes when it comes to matters of the heart. We all want to know if that special someone at school or work was winking at you, or if if they just had something in their eye. I can help you find whether your intended likes you, signs to look for if you're unsure, and can help you in the right direction on where to go from there. I will be timely, personable, and friendly with you; it'll be like talking to an old friend. Give me a try; I bet I can help you! *Update* Because of rising expenses, I must say that I can only accept questions with a $2 donation. With the lengthy, friendly, and in-depth response you'll get from me, it will be well worth it. Thank you for understanding.

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