How to Know if He/She Really Likes You/what was i did too foward


i frequent my bank, and there is a new teller there and ive notice she is always eager to help me and if I don’t go to her window she gets upset and wont speak to me, or if I don’t speak to her she gets upset….today I called the bank and boy was she extra happy…I can feel her just smiling in the background….wth…should I ask her what’s up or just leave it alone? my bro thinks she is prolly bi and has a crush on me….she is younger than me I do know that much…..and she comes off as freaky…..I dont mind that.....what do u think is she just being friendly or does she like me like? she gives my bro a whatever attitude and she isn’t as nice/friendly to him as she is to me….

I had heard that she was quitting soon, so I went out on a limb on 02/22/2016 and I gave her my name and number with a note that said we should hangout…and walked away. was what I did too forward or ok


No, I don't think that you've been too forward. You were friendly and flirty and she seemed very receptive to it. To be honest, there could be countless reasons as to why she hasn't called you yet, but one thing that you can rest assured knowing is that you did nothing wrong for sure. If she doesn't call, not to worry; it will be her loss entirely. :)

How to Know if He/She Really Likes You

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Everyone gets confused sometimes when it comes to matters of the heart. We all want to know if that special someone at school or work was winking at you, or if if they just had something in their eye. I can help you find whether your intended likes you, signs to look for if you're unsure, and can help you in the right direction on where to go from there. I will be timely, personable, and friendly with you; it'll be like talking to an old friend. Give me a try; I bet I can help you! *Update* Because of rising expenses, I must say that I can only accept questions with a $2 donation. With the lengthy, friendly, and in-depth response you'll get from me, it will be well worth it. Thank you for understanding.

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