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How to Know if He/She Really Likes You/Met a guy 2 weeks ago - does he like me?


Met a guy around 2 weeks ago via our mutual involvement in a local charity group. I thought everything was purely professional at first but started to think otherwise because of some of our interactions:
- he uses a lot of emoticons
- Texted me everyday since we first met
- Sent me photos of his dinner randomly
- Asks me a lot about my art passion and we got into some philosophical discussions during our texting. He even shared some articles and a video he thought was interesting which was unrelated to our charity project
- He's going on holiday in 2 days and will return on Feb 13th. Asked to "catch up" after his holiday (i.e. Which could basically overlap with Valentine's Day?). He first asked me this 2 days ago and I said sure. I had thought his suggested mid-Feb meet up would be the next time we would see each other but last night, he suddenly asked me to meet up with him and his charity colleague for dinner tomorrow which means he wanted to see me before leaving for his holiday too. Honestly I don't think we need to meet up that often but seems he wanted me to show up in person to discuss our charity stuff. Is it just an excuse to see me before his holiday even though we won't be alone?
- When we were discussing something philosophical about me wanting to know if there were things like life beyond earth, he kept saying "I am very sure you will find out this year". When I pressed him why he was so sure I find out this year or if ever, he just kept saying "that makes my statement more firm😏 that this year, you will find out on what u want to know". Is he hinting on something else I am supposed to "find out" this year from him otherwise why would he keep saying this so randomly? It's quite impossible for me to prove aliens exist so he must be talking about something else he thinks that I want 😅😅
- He kept insisting for us to have dinner at the most convenient location and date for me
- Kept telling me he wants to learn how to be more like me cause he likes my positivity
- Said I made his face red because I complimented him on getting involved with a women's charity group rather than any other charity
- He wanted to show me that his iPad cover was really colorful and similar to the style of my artwork but ended up saying "look I think we really match" (rather than saying his iPad really matched my art). Once he realized what he said, he looked embarrassed.

Ok I know this isn't too much to determine whether he has a thing for me cause it's only been 2 weeks! I'm not usually the type to date someone so fast but just want to see if I'm on the right track. Any thoughts?


Thank you for allowing me.the opportunity to answer your question. I apologize sincerely in my delayed response. I had set myself to vacation and didn't realize until my return the system did not update my request.

Based on the information you've shared I would say it is a big posibility this individual is interested. Usually a guy whose not interested in any way would not continuously want to be in your presence. I say continue to take things slow and if you're interested in him follow his lead. Allow him to take you out, etc.. Just ensure to be safe when going out and meeting up with him until you truly know his character.

Good luck!


How to Know if He/She Really Likes You

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