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I need advice on this situation sir. I have a fiance, who I love, am in love with and vice versa. I am bothered because she is not that affectionate with me. Here is the reason why. She told me she was very affectionate in one of her past relationships. But after him, she stopped being that way.

The reason it bothers me is because maybe a year or so after dating him, she has a facebook post/note titled 25 things about me. She stated that she had one true love where loving him was effortless, and she fears that she will never be able to give her heart fully or love a person the way she loved him. now mind you this was years before me.

but sometimes i cant help but think of that when she isnt affectionate. i dont require someone to be all over me, and all lovey dovey 100 % of the time, but I notice that i am typically always the one to initiate any affection. I just really feel like she still has a guard up with me, and that her words are true.

our relationship ive noticed has a lot to do with me putting a lot more effort into a great deal of our issues than she does it seems, im always the one planning, and romancing etc. im afraid because i really dont think shes that into me. im afraid of being in one of those relationships that the woman look to find a man that loves her more than she loves him. please help! thank you!

Hi, Jeremy,

How are you? Peaceful, I hope. Tell me if you're not. I can try to help with that.

You took a big step in writing me. It takes courage to announce your concerns of the heart. Congratulations, and Spirit & Karma Points to ya.

Your girlfriend--and I know she is your fiance--is putting up a big red flag. Personally, though she may be doing this for both of you, it seems to me to be a very selfish act. I would be hurt and embarrassed if the girl I was dating and who planned to marry me (or at least said so), had a statement on Facebook for her friends to see--which essentially said, I don't 'love my boyfriend as much as my ex'. And that is what it says, Jeremy, in effect. Right?

You can slake this off and just be a better man to yourself, by not letting it phase you and by making her communicate needs or greivances--rather than treating her to a nurturing conversation where-in you do the initial work, and by not giving so much affection to her, and more to yourself--since you are the one lacking attention and proper respect. Or you can do what I'd said and ask her about it, but she is communicating loud and clear, in my opinion, and you're trying to "take the bull by the horns" first will just have you looking weak, perhaps. But maybe you don't care about impressing her at this point.

Stop being so affectionate and initiating--essentially being the nurturer and the giver, and stop letting her be the receiver. Certainly stop being her daddy, and begin being your own, guiding yourself to better self-care, and then in the absence of your overshining light, she should come searching more for that light. If she does not--and if that message on FB is public (or if her ex is still privy to it by way of FB friendship status)--then you'll know if her behavior was to bring out improvement from you, or a signal to "him" and the world. And I think that either way, she is being ignorantly (and thus not so culpably) or consciously rude to you.

Now, you might wonder why I didn't say, 'talk to her about this', which would have been my old style. The reason is that this will likely bring defensiveness and an argument and make you look like you react to her immaturity, rather than tolerate weakness, show acceptance, and lack strength and leadership. If you DO think she has done this to spark change in you, you COULD ask her once; 'Is there anything you would like to talk about?' and then you listen only; completely, and thoroughly--and say nothing but, 'I see, Darling' (or whatever), and then you go and determine if it has anything to do with her lack of affection and this damaging message on FB.

Jeremy, I don't want you to get mad at her, because she could see that as a display of jealousy, but what she has done is a sign of a lack of love, respect, and loyalty--and in the least, it is a very manipilative and embarrassing means of communication and control. 

Now, if you are not inclined to pull back from her and give her time to feel for you--and you don't really care about losing her, go and ask her straight away about this message, but you say you love her. Now we need to determine whether she loves you--rightly. But I doubt it, I am
sorry to say.

If still you think talking--in a non-confrontational way--is best, be gentle, firm on how wrong it is (what she's done), and listen more than you talk. But I suggest you do this when you are both sober, peaceful, and unaffected by any drug or medication, and out-of-doors, in a park or plaza, so no thatrics can occur.

Be prepared to walk away and not turn around, as she may deal you a heavy blow.

Let me know what you think.


Wishing you Peace, Love, Joy, and Patience,

Carmine "Carl" Atteniese Jr.

How to Know if You`re Really in Love

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