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How to Know if You`re Really in Love/Am I just bitter? Or am I not in love with him anymore?


I've been dating someone I really care about for 5 years. I was enamored with him when we first started dating. There were small amounts of jealousy but we are a young couple. About a year into the relationship I started finding messages that he was sending to other women his age. Sexual messages via facebook and myspace. I broke down, we broke up...then I took him back and gave him another chance. Well...3 chances more later I find out he is on a website called teenspot. He is posing as an 18yr old boy(fake name and everything) and talking to teenage girls. He was 24-25 at the time.
That was it for me. We broke up for what I thought was going to be for good. I changed my phone number, moved in with my parents. All that. I didn't talk to him for a long while. Long story short, we end up speaking again...I go head over heels and want to try everything again and he promises he's done. (He went to counseling to get help for whatever problem he was having. I don't know what to call it. A sexual addiction maybe?)
We have been together ever since, but it's just not the same. I have buried myself in many other things (I've become a dog trainer, I work all the time, and I've been trying to finish school for Veterinary Technology) and he says he feels neglected, which I understand.
But we don't have sex hardly anymore (I just don't ever want to, at all, with anyone...I don't even fantasize about other people)
I find myself short with him sometimes when i shouldn't be, like I'm just looking for a reason to be angry.
He hasn't been unfaithful since we got back together over 2 years ago, but I almost always feel like he is. He is my best friend, and I know that I love him...but am I in love with him still? Or is my bitterness just getting in my way of being able to love him?

Like I said, I bury myself in work, training, and school. I do find time for him and we try and make dates but maybe not as often as i should. He got very serious about being jealous of the dog the other day. Jealous of the dog...

Hi, Rose,

How are you RIGHT NOW? I hope and entrust that you are feeling SOME peace, since you took the very courageous step of writing about your relationship. Help is on the way.

You are a very a special woman, to surrender to love as you have. Congratulations!

The problem is your inner sense has become more keen now--now that there is no challenge, anymore, and perhaps you have him where you had wanted him? Look (please; gently, I say to you): you were justified in dumping your boyfriend when you had. Sexual addiction is a big challenge--if he had the condition--but we are not mere animals. In terms of loving someone, he could have had his sex sith YOU (couldn't he have?); his bigger two problems were, he didn't love you enough, and he didn't know HOW to love you. One rule in love is complete, voluntary faithfulness. He NEVER should have been on a networking site. 

I empathize with you. I think someone in my life may have had this addiction (which worsens in sexually charged cultures where unfaithfulness is condoned in action if not in word because of restrictions on whom one can love due to xenophobia).

I'm sorry for getting off topic, but above I had wanted to ask if you were too easy when he was unfaithful, and whether he was just exploring with you, and not serious. Obviously, or he just didn't respect you because you were--as the Koreans say- as sure as the air. However, DO NOT think I take his side. I do not. What he was doing--as I suggested--in love, in a serious relationship--is virtually unforgivable, and in my opinion, anti-social behavior; his problems did seem
psychological... But you forgave him. You're an angel...

NOW, it seems he's changed (has he?). You seem to be the one uninterested, now. Well, those memories are very unromantic, unflattering, unkind, painful, and don't do much for your story. 

You are afraid of getting hurt, again. Your ego, protective of yourself, says to your heart-mind, "We've got him, so let's keep him by not giving in too much. After all, it seems he likes the chase (or used too [That's me, Carl, injecting that, Rose], so let's keep him panting like the dogs I train. Don't want to relive THAT horror of a nightmarish betyrayal and heartbreak, again!'

But now you're hurting HIM. Well, maybe a little schooling for the once heartless casanova who made you cry is what the doctor ordered, but if there's no recess, he'll likely drop out, Teacher Rose.

Have a talk with him. 

Let me know what you think his reaction will be. And ask yourself if you love him, anymore. IS THIS fear? Or, is the love gone.  

I BELIEVE love is fostered. That's how the honeymoon continues. Also, realize, the less we have sex, the more we fall out of love. You have to make love to keep it.

Let me know what you feel.and think.

How to Know if You`re Really in Love

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