How to Know if You`re Really in Love/Mad Love for girl in my school


Okay ,so I've been on and off obsessing about this girl from my school. When we first met she was a sophomore and I was a junior. So, now she's Junior and I'm a senior. We first met in a subway both headed home. And I said hi there, and she said hi. I asked he what her name was and she said her name was Chelsea. I said my name is Maven. So, I was thinking about her day in and day out. She was so dreamy. To mostly girls and some guys she wasn't all that like she's not the type girl you would say is most popular or sexiest girl in school but she was so so pretty/cute. I always had the logic to be a little feminine with my approach with girls. I'm not gay btw I'm Asexual or you could say I'm on the verge of converting to a full asexual. I feel like I love this girl. I add her on facebook and I add her on instagram. But I felt I love her so much I just kept it sealed and visited her everyday in class to give her a hug as our classes were right across from each other during 4-5 period. SO, I once approached her saying Hello cutie, how are you? I said it in a soft tone kinda mixed wit my regular voice and a bit of a higher pitch with a little robotic sound to it to not seem so gay ya know. She said "fine". The thing was she never asked back about me. Like we were walking down to the subway instead of taking the bus to it and I was talking but it didn't seem she was listening and she said she was but she was walking kind of fast but not to where it look liked she wanted to run away but I kept up to pace. I was talking but never did she ask back about me. She so so cute and I want nobody but her. I asked her out 2-3 weeks later after we first met and she said she's not ready yet. I usually take this as a BS way to keep you the man quiet but when I look back to that exact moment she seems sincere. I feel I really love this girl and want nobody but her. I plan to go to college to be a nurse but I want her to be by my side forever as I succeed or plummet in life.

Anytime someone used the word Obsess I worry for them. After reading your description I couldn't find a question you wanted me to answer. I would suggest though that you seek someone out to talk to about life in general. You description of how you love her borders on the unreal and I worry about that. What if she has no interest in you? How will you manage given what you have said above?
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How to Know if You`re Really in Love

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