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I know, before you tell me "there's plenty more ahead" but....this is really different. My boyfriend and I have known eachother since fifth grade, I've seen the best and worst of him, told him my deepest fears and secrets, seen sides of him even his parents haven't seen....and I am deeply in love with all of it. I'm sure most people would say that I can't know what true love is, but I have no doubt in my mind that I have found it. He is the best thing ever in my whole life, he accepts that I'm bi, he helps me cope with my anxiety problems, helped me through so many tough spots, and I am only here because of him. We have talked about being together forever, or atleast as long as the other w have them, planning our lives with eachother in it....I'm so set on the rest of my life being a part of him. And he tells me the same...he tells me he loves me so, so much, he gives me this look...and there are things with in all this that words can't describe. Yeah, I know I'm young, only fourteen, but can true teen love really happen like this? Are we just being niave children, or is our dream possible? I know there are many out there, but he is my one in six billion...

Dear Coaley,

Hi! How are you. Thank you for writing. Thank yourself, too. Openness and trying to look critically at yourself is ver good. You will have a better life if you remain like this: seeking selutions by asking questions, examining yourself, and not being proud.

I think if you and your boyfriend live each other, ther is no readon to go on auto-pilot and follow the fears of society... To try and end the relationship or take "a beeak", to find someone else. Remain in the relationship as long as you are comfortable and living each other, remaining open, honest, and helpful, and as long as it feels right.

In ancient times, this love would be the path to marriage by 14, 15, 16 years old. That means soms something, as does your attraction and commitment to each other: you can hansle it at this age and you are.  What you have is natural, pure, healthy.

Though you probly will say 'too late,', or 'it will be soon,' I encourage you to not be physically active beyond kissing. It is NOT ancient times, you won't marry any time soon, and you will get into confusing emotions and trouble with your families if you; really, I don't want to say "confusing emotions", but you will--even if only because friends and then family will find out and you'll likely have to deal with being forbidden from seeing one another, maybe being forced to break up, maybe finding out that you DO want a break to think and feel, and then you eill have possibly had unwanted physical experience that gives you guilt.

Most importantly, follow your hearts!

How to Know if You`re Really in Love

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