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My husband and I share a mutual acquaintance. We are part of the same group. But we are not close. We just say hi to each other when we are around. We are all young adults. We added each other on Instagram.

I have noticed that my husband keeps liking her post, o matter what she post. as soon as it goes up h keeps ling I.

I have started to click like on her posts soon as I see him liking her post. But he is much faster than
I am in that. He likes a lot of the things she post more than I do.

Also, a couple of times I se him in looking at her in way that I am not comfortable with (can't describe it)

Should I be concerned or worried?

Even after I ask this, he just keep liking everything and is the first o do so.


I think it is a bit odd. I would suggest you have a conversation about it and specifically let him know how it makes you feel. If he isn't willing to change his behavior around it, then I think you may have something to be concerned about.

Doc David  

How to Know if You`re Really in Love

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