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Kashiff wrote at 2011-04-28 12:13:33

In Bangalore there are few Kung fu institutes, you can find Shaolin-Chu-Kungfu in major locations in Bangalore. Master Lee-Chu conducts classes in M.G. Road, Domlur, Jeevanbeema Nagar, Koramangala etc..., from past 20 - 25years.

Kindly check the link www.shaolinchukungfu.com



foolindian wrote at 2012-03-08 08:55:15
If you wish to learn real Chinese style martial art the only way is join in to wushu association of India (http://www.wushuindia.in/affiliation.html) it is affiliated by Chinese and Indian govt. or need to learn shaolin style kung fu and Buddhism contact kaniska Sharma(http://www.kanishkasharma.info/new_temple.html) he is the only Indian shaolin master affiliated  by shaolin temple...others like these are fraud and cheating people more than 40 years & these jerk schools copy from Chinese kung fu movies and some of them only visit shaolin temple or stay at summer camp for 2 to 3 months and become masters in India..don't waste your time money and interest,search and find correct thing.  

Kashiff wrote at 2012-08-14 12:49:46
Dear Mr. foolindian,

For your kind attention none of the institutes are forcing students to join their academy. More over all of them are not rich enough like you to learn under the great personality you mentioned above.

I agree Mr. Kanishka Sharma is the only person graduated from Shaolin temple and learning under him will be a honour to any person, but there are lot of things to be considered. To attend summer camp for 3 months its difficult for most of them to relocate.

Mr. Kanishka Sharma doesn't  have his branch in Bangalore, more over please mind ur words before writing anything I respect my master a lot may be he is not good and no match with Mr. Kanishka but he is spreading what he has learned from his master and struggling day and night to keep the art alive.

Note: He charges only Rs. 250/- per month but that money will go to the trust.

free_soul wrote at 2012-09-17 07:49:37
sorry to let you know that your master is fake ..He did not learn kungfu under any monk but under YM chan...go to YM chan if you have any doubts and he will show their photos training under him..

Kashiff wrote at 2012-11-30 04:18:01
Hi All,

There are few people who don't want other people to achieve success, the same way people are discouraging the one who are interested to learn.

I will say one thing to these kind of people that this is not a blog to pass comments, just I gave available info to people if someone have other info please pass on it will be very helpful.

@Free soul, you say my master is fake then please let me know who is genuine.

Request you to kindly stop distracting people, if you have any proofs of my master getting trained under Mr. Y.M.Chan please come with the same to Shaolin-Chu-Kungfu, St.Joseph's Cricket Ground, M.G.Road, Bangalore and get it clarified.

It doesn't mean that if you learn Kung Fu in china then you are genuine else fake, just tell me did you learn english in England or India, If my master is fake then how did his institute got affiliated with WUSHU association of India. Request again to stop diverting people if you can't guide.



rahuljaa wrote at 2013-01-14 14:31:38
hey al i absolutely agree wit u mr kashiff master lee chu is the best.... i am honoured to have a master like him :)

free_soul wrote at 2013-03-03 18:12:58
If you are training under a fake master then ts your need to get nit clarified given an opportunity. Do you think I have the need and time to come to you with the photo?

what will i gain from that?

will you still believe if i did?

I just bothered to comment here because I know the truth. I also know that it was ym chan who gave your masters the name wan and lee chu..i guess their name was sankar and krishnamurthy..

but u may not belive what i said....u r adamant and defensive and blindly telling that my furnished info is incorrect. On what ground can u say that? just because he is ur devout master?

If you had said the same thing about my master I would listen with an open mind and atleast get it clarified from my master, which u can also do now.Trust is essential in learning under any guru but it should not blind u.

Now it is your choice to seek the truth and progress as a martial artist in your life. And, if you progress enough in your path you will have the realizations which i had in my path.....

Student wrote at 2013-10-24 11:54:01
Hi Free_Soul Sir,

Please tell me where can I learn Kung fu in Bangalore, I want to learn with good and real master.

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