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Hello Sifu!

I bet you get this question a lot, but what is the best resource to learn about Crab style Kung fu? Is there a book on it that teaches the style? I'm very interested since it's such a weird style and it would be an interesting resource to add to my fighting repertoire.

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Hello Max,

Thank you for choosing allexperts and me for your question.  

Yes, you are correct, I get the question with some degree of frequence but not alot.  Which surprises me as it is an unusual style.  And I don't mind being asked about that form or any of the others I know.  

I have had it expressed to me by some that they felt Crab was a fictitious style.   There are numerous theories from it being fictitious to it having been an ineffective style that was not propagated.   It might be known by other names.  Chinese martial arts is pretty vast and consider that sometimes a technique is performed but could have different names in those various styles.   I can assure you, however, and whatever it might be named, it is quite real and effective.  To be effective, of course, there is training involved.  As the saying goes, none succeed without effort.  

The crab style uses an open hand formed in claw positions.  For it to be effective requires good finger strength as you might clearly imagine.  That finger strength can be acquired with pushups progressing from being on the thumbs and 4 fingers, to pulling in the pinky, then pulling in the pinky and right finger, and then pulling in the pinking, ring and middle fingers so you are on the thumb and index finger only.  I believe allexperts allows for photographs now, so if I am successful I will post one of me doing the sequence of finger pushups just mentioned.  Also, tossing and catching an iron palm bag strengthens the fingers and the griping/grasping/riping power of the hands which is necessary in Crab and other styles.  

As far as a resource, I don't honestly know of any DVD's or books on the subject out there.  I have had people point out youtube video clips but most of them appear to be from movies that are a bit cheesy..... but entertaining and amusing :-).  

Considering that I have been asked about the crab I might create a book on it in the near future to act as an intro to the Crab style that I practice and show some techniques.  If you'd be interested in such a book let me know and I will put you on my mailing list and notify you when it is ready.  Because the more I think about it the more there seems to be a need for a book and some other info on the Crab style.  

Sorry I could not be of greater help but I hope this does provide you with some information and, hopefully, as I complete a book, that will be even more.  

Thanks again for selecting me for your question and feel free to visit our other websites indicated below on the signature line.  I look forward to hearing from you and have a great day!  

Sifu Richard Mieir-King

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