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I am trying to find information on "Chi Deviations" as well as "Energetic Healing" and "Energetic First Aid".  I have been searching alot on the internet but I must not be searching correctly because I am finding little if any information.  Can you point me in the right direction, or can you give me some information on these subjects.  Thank you for your help!

Hi Tom,

Thank you for choosing allexperts and me for your questions.

I apologize for the delay, I have been involved in a few things that took me away from the computer for several days.  

I can't say I have had any specific dealings with those terms.  

I have not heard of “Chi Deviations”.  We can break the term down.  We know that Chi is energy.  We also know a deviation is defined as an action, behavior, or condition that is different from what is usual or expected.  So, by definition, a chi deviation could be chi that acts or behaves differently than in the usual or expected manner.  Which is kind of vague.  Something that behaves differently than expected can be a good thing or bad thing, it depends on the point of reference.  Since you are also asking about healing and first aid I am guessing that the point of reference here is a deviation that is not good.  Perhaps an illness, sickness or disease.  But, as it stands, it is kind of vague and I don't want to make any assumptions about it.  “Energetic Healing” is kind of a catch all term as well.  There are all kinds of people out there, from all kinds of backgrounds, who do “energetic healing”.   My mind immediately goes to things have seen called “psychic healing”.  I consider those to be scams.  I can't offer you a lot on that either other than – proceed with caution.  There are a lot of clever frauds out there.  I won't, hands down, simply discount everything, every phenomenon or every personal experience people relate.  Throughout history there have been things that at one time or another was an “unknown” because there was not, at that time, a way to see or measure that given thing.  Radiation, electricity, etc., were things that people at one time did not know and had not means of measuring.  At one time, when people were unable to see bacteria, people were thought to become ill in different ways and for different reasons.  In the past Dr's did not necessarily wash their hands between patients, or even between child deliveries.  Hard to believe, isn't it?  But they didn't believe in bacteria because they could not see it and so the concept was ridiculous, blaming illness on little invisible animals, I mean, really, invisible things that can kill you and make you sick - that was the thinking, sound familiar?  I just read an article out of a 2012 scientific journal about “dark matter”.  Our universe is made up of matter and energy and what we can see, the matter that we think matters :-), what is visible, makes up 5 percent of the universe.  27 percent of the universe is made of of dark matter which has been speculated on but research has allowed them to map it now.  The remaining 2/3rds of the universe is made up of what they call “formless energy”.  The rest of the article was amazing and sounded like science fiction except it wasn't.  So we live in a pretty amazing and, at times, difficult to comprehend world and universe.  So, I can't confirm some of these ideas and things, and I'd even caution to proceed with caution due to scam artists.  But I can't say it does not exist either as that would be pretty egotistical of myself to claim to be that all knowing.  But, for your safety, proceed with caution regarding such things and people.  I have never heard of energetic first aid either, but I'd add the same caution for all of the same reasons.

I'd say, whoever or wherever you got these terms, have the same source/person(s) elaborate on them and define them in more detail because it seems lacking in detail.  Nothing mentioned brings to mind anything specific.   

If you have any further questions I'd be more than happy to hear them and tell you what I can, so feel free to contact me with any other questions you might have or that you might come up with.  

I hope this has been of some help.  Good luck and have a great day and thanks for a great, though provoking question.  

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