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I am trying to find information on "Chi Deviations" as well as "Energetic Healing" and "Energetic First Aid".  I have been searching alot on the internet but I must not be searching correctly because I am finding little if any information.  Can you point me in the right direction, or can you give me some information on these subjects.  Thank you for your help!

Dear Tom,

I am sorry to say that some of the terms you mention "Chi Deviations", "Energetic Healing" and "Energetic First Aid" are not familiar for me.

I am somewhat versed with Chi, Chi Channeling and some Chi Healing but i can not address the specific subjects you mention to any degree of familiarity.

As a thought; those people who use Chi for the body's life energy would use the term Chi not Energetic. Conversly, the term Energetic would not often be found together with the term Chi.

Just as a suggestions try the following;
Dao - for Divianations
Ayurveda - for Energetic Healing
Chi Kung - for Chi First Aid

I hope this adds a bit of value to your Search.

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