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I've been bothered and I want to know what type of animal style Kung fu would fit me best I'm short and small im 14 I have good upper body strength mostly mucked I'm fast and in very good shape I'm short tempered and usually secretive but I've just been wondering what animal style would suit me best

Hi Jordyn,

It is more than just about your physical attributes and your temper, although not impossible. But i would not like to put you onto the wrong track based on the little information you sent!

Can i ask you to have a look at;


There is a bit to read but it has a lot of information and you can help me help you if you have this info.

What i want you to do is especially have a look at the various Animal Matrices and tell me which seems to suit you most. For example, at the top of the page is the 1st Matrix. Tell me which of those 4 aspects of survival and life speaks to you most or which you admire most; Instinct, Ingenuity, Intuition or Insight. Then the next one; do you like to meet problems head on, step back and think about them, let people help you solve them or just simply you hope they go away. That is the second Animal Matrix. And there are more. Just note which is your preference on 5 or 6 of those and let me know and why you choose them.

Write back when you are ready.

Sijo Robert z

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