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I had a question for you.  I am a Kung Fu student and I look to pick up additional knowledge whenever and wherever I can.  I am currently on working on my leg strength for stance work and kicks.  What would be 2 or 3 of your favorite and or suggested exercises and disciplines to develop leg power and strength?  Thank you for your help!  


Hi Kevin,
Lunges are great for building leg strength.

Running stairs is another good exercise - both for cardio and leg strength.

Finally, holding postures will make your legs very strong. If you can do a horse stance for 10 minutes, your legs will be very strong. You can start at one minute and add 10 or 15 seconds each time until you build to 10 minutes.

Another way to build leg strength is to do your form very slowly and stop and hold each stance for a minute.

One of the reasons Tai Chi is done slowly is to build leg strength, especially in Chen style Tai Chi. That's why the thighs of Chen masters look like tree trunks. :)

Good luck!!


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