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mongoose 005 wrote at 2007-05-25 21:41:36
Mongoose martial art is a straight forward form of offense and defense. It does not use any fancy kicking or flying (jumping) in the air, most especially, it does not have any moves that will make itself face its back on its opponent like the 360 round house which most martial arts student are so eager to perfect. Its like finding the straight line in all movements to have the shortest time for the kill. Besides all of what I have said, it's speed is also god like, that it can deliver 12 to 14 moves in just half a second. Knowing the speed, you could produce a conclusion on how much physical strength it gives the practitioner. But it takes great discipline to perfect it. It is a secret self-defense of an organization that I know. Before, it was not allowed to be taught from outside that organization but now they have lowered its level and thought it to outsiders. I heard that there are now groups taught for competition. So if you want to learn the best, you must seek the orginal.

Mongoose 005 wrote at 2007-07-10 20:38:26
Mongoose martial art is a straight forward form of offense and defense. It does not use any fancy kicking or flying (jumping) in the air, most especially, it does not have any moves that will make itself face its back on its opponent like the 360 round house which most martial arts student are so eager to perfect. Its like finding the straight line in all movements to have the shortest time for the kill. Besides all of what I have said, it's speed is also god like, that it can deliver 12 to 14 moves in just half a second. Knowing the speed, you could produce a conclusion on how much physical strength it gives the practitioner. But it takes great discipline to perfect it. It is a secret self-defense of an organization that I know. Before, it was not allowed to be taught from outside that organization but now they have lowered its level and thought it to outsiders. I heard that there are now groups taught for competition. So if you want to learn the best, you must seek the orginal.

Allan wrote at 2007-10-01 00:57:07
There are many systems that don’t use flashy kicks, infact, that is just traditional in some schools.  There are a lot of southern village styles of Kung-Fu that are extremely direct with low level kicking, no jumping, no 360 degree spins, no flash.  Also, the shortest line is not necessarily a straight one, it is the line of least resistance.  A straight line from California to Europe would necessitate boring a whole through the crust of the earth, but we don’t do that, we travel the line of least resistance.  “God like speed”, this is starting to sound like a sales pitch or you are just something beyond extremely enamored with your particular style.  There is a saying that is taught regarding such claims which is “if it sounds too good to be true it probably is” – “caveat emptor” let the buyer beware, I think that applies in this situation.

Mongoose 005 wrote at 2007-12-11 19:07:47
Back in 2005,  there is only one group in the Philippines that I know calls themselves as "Maw Shu" but I prefer mongoose. I could not find the meaning of it anywhere. The meaning of Shu is art but the meaning of Maw - I could not find  anywhere resembling mongoose.

You seem like bragging about your straight line short distance theory. I said bragging because it is too far from what I am saying and I know you know what I am saying. Even in math, it says that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. You're talking about the flight pattern of an airplane on a spherical plane. I'm talking about the distance between two fighting bodies on a flat plane. I'm also a civil engineer, I know boring coz its one of my job and I erected counterpoises in different airports there in the Philippines so I guess I know enough of flight patterns. I don't need to prove that this art has god like speed, speed that does not register in the eyes. I guess you only have been introduced and not actually practiced it. Well if you're still close to that area I would like us to have a friendly spar and lets see what you actually know. Give my regards to philip i.e. if you get to know the guy

Ronin wrote at 2008-04-15 22:30:22
Hello there,

I used to practice a Chinese form called shou shu. One of the animal systems that was a part of this style was mongoose. I think the system is quite a rarity and is a unique and effective fighting style. You are lucky to get some exposure to it.


randy solis wrote at 2008-12-04 07:20:04
mongoose martial arts was originated in phil.it so called LUBU LIKAPASA.a true member of this knows the meaning of that.and i learned it on my wifes uncle.i learned 40moves.i think so dangerous but it so good for defense

randy s. The kungfu panda wrote at 2009-04-16 07:59:48
my follow up answer.this yr.started learn again mongoose likapasa..my master now is ka dan perez.expert on lubu likapasa martial arts,he taught me 20moves..i practice it 3times a wk...using speed,memorizing,and power..so nice..i do it all moves in 1mins.normal moves only.later he will teach me more moves..mobilization afterwards full contact.to complete all.32 fundamental,92 masteral..im on fundamental from now.

joey349harry wrote at 2009-09-04 13:45:25
The authentic Mongoose martial art from Bicol Philippine which originated from only one master in the name of "Ka Koing" can take down opponent in the range of 5 meter for long range combat. for short range combat mongoose practitioner can deliver strikes more than a millisecond clicks. you think its impossible? that is why the art remains a mystery. The people who practice the authentic mongoose is not more than the numbers of my hands.

MarNukop wrote at 2009-09-13 02:13:59
There is a website about mongoose martial arts that originated from the Philippines that has been online for a few years now. Hope you guys visit it and learn from it. www.geocities.com/mongoose_005. But I heard that yahoo website is about to close so hurry up. And as joey34harry said above...only a handful of individuals are blessed to learn the true knowlege of it.

Michael Shan (air force) wrote at 2009-10-22 21:43:57
Good post. I was blessed to have met one practitioner in a certain church and he said it was only 1st stance or first power. It was so effective that my crav maga / aikido skills dont work. My face hit the ground without knowing how. I wanted to learn it but he said it's not allowed to be taugh to outsiders. I saw the website you guys are mentioning and was able to exchange emails w/the owners. They said they will try to relocate to a new site...old site will close oct. 26

NJ Bro wrote at 2009-10-30 12:08:02
I researched online and founded on a certain discussion that two new websites had just opened. It is at mongoosevega.tripod.com and at sites.google.com/site/themongoosegroup

bhoyaxe wrote at 2010-05-23 07:12:06
I am also a martial arts practitioner. arnis,judo, combat aikido, and a shorin ryo  karate black belt which i taught when i was 11 yrs old... i never heard or known about this mongoose thing. until simetime last 2007 at dubai, united arab emirates, where i was working as a plant head technician for paint factory.. one day i meet this guy, a filipino on a visiting visa status whos looking for a job. so to make the story short i had help him to get a job in the company I've been working with. we become friends we share the same accommodation. at first i was just listening to the stories hes telling about mongoose, how it originates, the discipline of the art, how it works, how lethal the Matias art is and i suddenly had an interest to learn the art but its hard to persuade him because an original mongoose practitioner had made a sacred vow to keep it a secret. until one day i  convince him to show me some forms of the said martial arts style.at first as you look at its not an impressive form... the stance, wow looks funny, so we stared the session with a bow. he instructed me to initiate an offensive move, due to my experience i had mixed and mastered my own offensive and defensive moves but to my surprise still he manage to elude my blows and counters my attacks with Locking moves.with a fighting range of 360 degrees just standing in same place moving in circular direction..  the strikes are very lethal not applicable for tournaments. the least you can offer to your opponent is dislocated limbs or paralyze him or kill him in a single blow. its a martial arts for the assassins in my own evaluation....as what the story tells its the only martial arts that challenge the credibility of trakma.  i am very glad that i had shared my experience on mongoose martial arts its really awesome.... one clue ask some members of kapatiran... or if you are very interested...have time to visit muntinlupa and ask about the mongoose supremo, i think he's still serving he's sentence in prison.... or if your in dubai UAE, go to karama district and ask were's the church of kapatiran. inquire.... more power

Engr. Adelbert P. Diesta wrote at 2010-08-26 18:49:46
I am Engr. Adelbert P. Diesta, Filipino, a black belter of Mawshu Martial Arts Association, Kindom of Saudi Arabia Chapter (Aboriginal Mongoose Martial Arts) and a Mongoose tecnique practitioner. Our original Mongoose Master here in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is SIR NOMER ATENDIDO. He is the real magic in his perfect moves. Every count that he might execute is a fatal move. The origin of Mongoose Martial Arts is really a mystery by which even our Master don't want to reveal. It's the greatest form of martial arts I have ever observed and practiced.

rey wrote at 2010-10-24 10:53:21
Im rey, who had for sometime been thougth a mongoose style martial arts, i love the way we perform the numbers and its more enjoyable when you got there, mobilization and counter to counter techniques are very much interesting very useful techniques indeed. Its deadly I'm sure so just please teach them to responsible persons only.

adir wrote at 2010-10-27 18:59:07
Rey is right, this art is only taught to responsible people, you cant master mongoose if you cant control your emotions specifically anger, and i believe anyone who know someone who practice "real" mongoose can attest to that. one thing i remember that my master told me, he said "if you still can run...run! avoid trouble." he even joked about the resemblance of this art to the "SAYO-NA-TSI" (if you're a Filipino you know what sayo-na-tsi means and might be laughing right now) but its true.

if you learned mongoose then you know how much power you hold in your hand (you even hold the life of your opponent), yes this art is deadly and there was even a time when the practice of this art had been forbidden and thats the reason why the art had been in secret and few people know the art (a good realization that only a handful of people "now a days" can control their emotions specifically anger)

The mongoose art is created for survival and to help the practitioner to defend what is dear to them, not to start a conflict and not to boast who is powerful or whose technique is better.

MarPena wrote at 2010-11-09 22:38:39
Before I've learned about MONGOOSE I was already wearing black in Shorin-Ryu, Yao-Yan, TRACMA.. and I started training at the age of 10. Mongoose was introduced to me by no other than KA QUING and that was 1977 then He personally trained me one on one for 2 years.. The rest is history. One thing I can say is a strike from Mongoose is lethal and only one who knows Mongoose can tell. The responsibility is huge and one good reason why we should not engage (unless life and death).  

Charles Anthony Dood wrote at 2011-02-22 16:10:08
Hello I have just wandered on the internet and I found this blog thing. I am surpised that it is so secret. I may have been taught some other form than the original, but none-the-less I have be somewhat taught by a Sensei called Tony Uing. I Started when I was 5 then I quit when I was 9 because I had to move. I may be confused on the matter. Call me my number is 1-352-687-2508. Call between 6:00pm to 9:00pm as that I do not get home from school by then and ask for Charles Anthony Dood. I do want more infomation on this matter ASAP.

P.S. I live in Ocala, Florida

masterlitz wrote at 2012-01-21 02:12:15
I'm masterlitz and i'm also a kapatiran,I'm specialize mongoose lubu likapasa the original one.its true the real one master is still alive,he is in the prison in muntinglupa.its so many mongoose but there are fake.mongoose is very dangerous martial arts,.I'm practicing mongoose about 25yrs and I'm learn different style of martial arts.but this one"mongoose" is the best.but i have one thing that i want you to know.what ever martial arts you learn even you are mongoose,mma, kung fu if you no heart and don't practice very well and courage.you"re nothing.thats why there are some mongoose claiming that they are the best but there are not mastering the mongoose practicing very will and the result they lost.I leave a massage to all of you.what ever martial arts you learn please master you're technique no matter what martial arts you learn it defend to the person how good they are.

MJ wrote at 2014-01-16 05:49:50
Lubulikapasa is a martial arts name after the founder. Its technique is called the mongoose style. It is indeed a Kungfu base concept. All the student of the late founder Luis Bulan was thought electrifying mongoose known as the first degree jerking. His successor is his son Arthur Bulan and Imelda Bulan. Both the father and the son teaches their own different techniques to my master. which I refuse to elaborate as a sign of respect to those name mentioned.I am a student of Ferdinand Del Rosario Sr. started learning mongoose third degree wild rats.Started young and now old but still mongoose is my way of life.

richard, dammam 2nd industrial city ksa wrote at 2014-09-10 14:04:55
mongoose is a very effective and dangerous form of martial arts. I was thought the fundamentals 1 covering 31 techniques, the reverse covering 31 techniques, fundamentals 2 covering 31 techniques and mastery1. due to an unexpected exit of my friend who is a member of INC I was not able to learn the other techniques but given me 10 techniques of using the arnis which is so dangerous than other arnis styles I learned in freestyle self defense. I am a 1st dan black belt in freestyle self defense but I practiced the best for me, mongoose. thanks to my friend Orlando silverio.

Aravathes wrote at 2015-08-07 05:58:06
I know THIS question is weird and no pssible answer but can monggoose can defeat krav maga + fight with Dirty tricks..?? answer right away..

jun wrote at 2016-07-30 00:17:20
FYI ka.koing was not the instructor of arthur but some of  ka.koing's student teach him due to some personal reason..

this what our grandmaster told us..ka.jaime bongares who just passed a few weeks ago.he was the last student left who mastered with ka.koing when he was still alive.ka.jim bongares was the only one student left who cares for him when ka.koing's getting old and weak and he dies in the care of ka.jim who amongst you guys knows this story? who amongst you knows about TCHNICAL JERKINGS?CUADRO/CUADRO MASTERY/FRICTION GRABBING ORIGINAL MONGGOSE CONSIST OF 5 36 MOVES ONLY FUNDAMENTALS/VARIATION/TECH'L VARIATION/MOBILIZATION/TEC'L MOBILIZATION..thank you

jun wrote at 2016-08-02 06:58:52
just want to share this short story to you guys.

ka.vergilio bobiles was the elder brother of ka jim who was the first to train mongoose to ka koin fundamentals and arnis.but during that time mongoose name was not yet invented during that time they are using the name LUBULIKAPASA(LUIS BULAN LIHIM NA KAALAMAN PAGTATANGGOL SA SARILI when ka koing and ka ver had some personal conflict ka ver training to ka koing was not pursued instead ka ver told ka jim to continue the mongoose training to ka koing but this was made in secret ka jim gave anything to ka koing just to get into training he bought his carabao just to pay ka koing.

he takes care of what ka koing's personal needs fortunately ka jim finished the rigid training to ka koing from barehands fundamentals arnis funadamentals until mastery fundamentals and arnis until ka koing died with ka jim besides him.THANK YOU VERY MUCH KA.JIM FOR TEACHING US...YOU ARE NOW IN PEACE WAITING FOR THE DAY...AND THANKS ALSO TO KA KOING WHO INVENTED THIS ART..

Lubulikapasa wrote at 2016-08-19 08:14:18
It is so nice reading post here, everyone of you has your own set of story of lubulikapasa. unfortunately, It is NOT because they're being taught by the grand master, it means they're being entrusted. It's NOT about money, It's not about how they care, It's NOT about the personal needs.

Lubulikapasa has 3 stages. . Basic, Advance, and degree level.

Unfortunately, No one deserved to learn the degree level, NOT even ONE.

The basic is being taught outside of the so called organization. it consist of 36 moves applied left and right.

Advanced is being taught inside of the so called organization.

They are all authentic, BUT a different program. Basic and Advance are given to those who wanted to learn it anyway.

jun wrote at 2016-08-27 05:01:03
good day to you lubulikapasa.

as our grandmaster jim taught us there is no such left or right in authentic mongoose beacause actual fight will determine what will you do and what strategies to..sorry to say but original mongoose doesn't degree ya u right mongoose is not about money etc.but the question is who are the original or who are the fake..not all calling themselves mongoose are original there is only 1 original..

if it is ok to you to meet up?i want to see ur mongoose and if yuo want see my mongoose too if you have a group u can bring them..if yuo are INC's much better...we are here in sn.jose delmonte bulacan....i will wait your confirmation...thanks

jun wrote at 2016-08-27 05:17:13
dont hesitate to contact us LUBULIKAPASA were not enemy i just want to see how you will apply left and right in actual fight like what you said and i will show to you also how we execute that on our own  way.

Pomsky wrote at 2016-09-27 10:36:00
Hello Jun. is that authentic mongoose? i have seen variation of this moves before. I'm interested to learn it.

The first variation I've seen is more of defensive, you dodge attackers then perform a counter attack to kill them.

The second one is offensive, delivering continuous blow and punches non stop while moving with fast-paced speed foot works.

MJ wrote at 2016-10-27 14:13:51
Jim nakalabas na si ka Arthur. Sabi mo di sya tinuruan ng ama nya na founder? Yan kase kwento ng teacher mo. Bakit di mo subukang kalabanin sya para malaman mong nagsinungaling teacher mo sayo. Anak ng founder yun. Yun ang tagapagmana ng laro. Lapastangan ka.

Kaya di magkaisa ang mongoose dahil sa pag iisip nyong kayo ang magaling. Sila ang peke, nauuna ang bunganga, isip bata, grow up naman.ang husay nasusukat sa labanan di sa kwento lang. Matuto naman kayong magpakumbaba... Pag nanakae ang tawag sa larong di nagmula sa angkan nyo tapos claim nyo inyo.ipag pasalamat natin nalang na natuto tayo. Manahimik at huwag bang mag kwento.

kikoy wrote at 2016-11-02 06:17:39
kung matalino ka eh di sana itinama mo yung sinabi kong mali(kamo)

ganyan ang matalinong tao..unang una MG wala ako sinabing masama tungkol sa kanya dahil kahit gnyan sya na nakulong sa mahabang panahon ay anak pa rin sya ng pinag galingan ng mongoose kaya panu nasabing lapastangan ako?na kinakatago tago namin sa grupo namin ang larong ito na kahil kelan hindi namin ipinag yabang...pero kahit kelan hindi kami ipinahiya ng larong ito..wag kang pusong saging maramdamin ka...di ka puwede dito..bihira nga lang kami sumali sa mga ganito furom eh tas ikaw pa makakasalubong ko dito....

kikoy wrote at 2016-11-02 06:21:47
hello POMPSKY,yes this the authentic mongoose yuo cannot see any videos or picture in the entire internet pertaining to our technique arnis,barehands fundamentals,barehands mastery..

ew are here somewhere in bulacan....

kikoy wrote at 2016-11-02 07:41:19
hahah nakakatawa ka MG ang dami mo sama ng loob sa katawan....

di ako makikipag away sau bka mamaya mas nakatatanda ka sakin eh..

Pomsky wrote at 2016-11-16 09:34:02
Hello Kikoy. are also with Jun, MG and MJ?

nice authentic mongoose. is that the 36 moves? it contains all of these (arnis,barehands fundamentals,barehands mastery)

where are you located? what's your address?

kikoy wrote at 2016-11-17 23:31:58
hi Pomsky,

yes we have all OF that...FYI not only barehands fundamentals,barehands mastery we also have what we call it VARIATION this is another stage of authentic mongoose.variation is concentrated to defense and also we have technical variation.fundamental arnis/mastery arnis(DOUBLE ARNIS) our arnis is very diffrent on what you see in internet all of them are all BLOCKING SYSTEM

are you an INC member? i am here in bulacan sorry but i cannot post my exact add.for my security.maybe you can put your phone number here and then i will contact you..are you here in phil?what province?....thanks

kikoy wrote at 2016-12-15 04:56:24
Somewhere in bulacan...for security reason you maybe put temporary cel.number here then i will contact u.

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