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james wrote at 2007-07-11 19:05:44
Robert your absolutely right; they are brothers and work out before your time. I am the gentlemen who visited the school many years ago, and am a good friend of Grandmaster Lee's. However I don't know the person that's asking you these questions about Bob Hill. But, I am very curious to who they are.

Lin Kuei wrote at 2008-08-21 20:16:37
Yes, I am familiar with Robert Hill and his martial system called Snowtiger. He ordained Lee Cunningham as the next Grandmaster of Snowtiger, who currently trains and teaches the system to law enforcement in Baltimore / DC.

TKTM wrote at 2008-09-10 01:48:45
Your probably not going to find a lot of people who are willing to talk a lot about Dr Hill. But I will tell you this, his students could fight and when they sparred there were no pads and no cups.

Dr Hill deserves A LOT more public recognition than he gets, but in a lot of ways it is secret world with lots of people jocking for position and face. Dr Hill did swear some people to secrecy about various things. Those restraints passed when he did, but many people still hold quiet.

In regards to Dr Hill and 'Kung fu', I am aware of at least one connection and that is to White Eyebrow.

hope that helps


Bando Insider wrote at 2013-11-20 07:44:00
It is well known in the Bando community that Allan Lee taught Bob Hill the Snow Tiger System. Bob Hill was a student of Dr.Muang Gyi (Bando Grandmaster).

If you look up Donald Bohan's website (Isshinryu)you will find a few photos of Bob Hill with Allan Lee from back in the 1960's along with Bob Maxwell who was and still is considered Dr. Gyi's number 1 student. These guys spent much time training and sharing information. Lee Cunningham, a Bando practioner, claims to be a snow tiger expert. Though he spent some time with Bob Hill (not a lot), he did not possess the forms and knowledge that Rick Nameira's wife Miriam had of the snow tiger system. These forms and techniques with breakdowns on 8 mm film were recently posted on U-Tube by either Miriam or Bob Maxwell. Rick was an Isshinryu practioner with Don Bohan's family of practioners before studying Bando under Maung Gyi. All would agree that Bob Hill was probably the only one with a complete working knowledge of the Snow Tiger System that the Bando community had access to outside of Allan Lee's school.

Current alleged Snow Tiger System practioners on the net appear to have thrown together a lot of Bando techniques inherent in their animal systems and calling it Snow Tiger. If you compare what you see Miriam performing(as taught by Bob Hill) on the films posted on U-tube and what the people Lee Cunningham associates with, calling what they practice as Snow Tiger, you will see that the Bob Hill lineage as demonstrated by Miriam Namiera has a much different flavour. If you want more info on Snow Tiger as practiced and taught by Bob Hill,

contact Miriam Namiera. Someone on Don Bohan's sight may be able to help.

Dr.Danny Muffoletto ND wrote at 2013-12-31 06:46:41
I know Lee Cunningham worked with Bob Hill, because when I was introduced to Dr Hill and worked out with Him at Catonsville Community College, Lee was in the room. this can also be verified with Sid Granddison,,Ben Liue,and Jon Collins.

In 1972,Mark Baines and I , went through instructors training at the System Kung Fu in Reisterstown,Maryland.What a great place to work out. Paul Olivas,an Ed Parker Black Belt,was the head instructor. he brought in Joe Lewis, Jerry Pettington,Keith Haflich, worked with Bruce Lee instructors,Willy Lin, and the Tracy Brothers. And to keep on point, with Dr. Hill.We would be the only guys buying panty hose and number 10 buckshot.It was an amazing place for a high school teenager to spend time.

Dr. Hill was a rare individual.When He passed, He knew that there would be exactly the succession differences, He was super conscious.So in His wisdom, I believe that whatever is being taught,by whatever name,would make Him happy that people were working out, and reaching such a wonderful degree of proficiency.In our differences, there is great strength. So everybody s right and every body s wrong.

My studies took me to the internal.Tai Chi with William Chen, Ben Lo, Robert W.Smith,and Tai Chi ruler with B.P. Free of charge to those wonderful martial arts people who made life better for the world.  

Dr Danny. Muffoletto ND wrote at 2014-01-02 07:30:52
I checked the Master Miriam site. She is excellent.Her form,knowledge,concept break down, application, are very high.

As an energy reader, I would say that anyone would be lucky to study with this teacher.

I am grateful for this rare style being portrayed so well.Thank you Master Miriam Namiera.

thank you Lee Cunningham.

Most of all thank you Dr Bob hill.

I have an idea of the obstacles You had to over come with your polio.

You helped many.

mike wrote at 2014-04-03 19:24:01
Lee Cunningham did not work out with Bob Hill that much. his group has thrown a lot of tech together and call it Snowtiger. Sad but true.

jmjuniwe wrote at 2015-10-26 17:18:50
Mike you need to stop. It's no secret that Lee trained with Dr. Hill; let's not lose respect.

Mike wrote at 2016-03-13 00:33:39
Only fact is Cunningham did workout with Master Hill some he never told Cunningham he was over snowtiger. That is what is disrespectful. His tech is mostly bando and a little bit of snowtiger he was taught

Mike wrote at 2016-03-13 22:22:51
It is a known fact Lee Cunningham worked out with Master Hill very little. It is shown in his techigue as well as his student's sad but true

Mike wrote at 2016-03-13 22:23:06
It is a known fact Lee Cunningham worked out with Master Hill very little. It is shown in his techigue as well as his student's sad but true

mike wrote at 2016-03-18 17:32:35
Robert Hill let Master Lee live with him in Tennessee

James wrote at 2016-08-21 23:28:22
Actually Mike, Lee didn't live with Dr. Hill in tennessee however, he visited him on a number of ocassions. Bob also visit Maryland many times in his lifetime.

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