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La Femme Nikita/Instrumental music throughout the series


Hello, I'm Robert, I've never done this before, but I'm stuck and longing for answers... reading the q&as, haven't seen so far the answer to my question.

There is this BEAUTIFUL melody,instrumental, going thru the series, not so often, but constantly, and from the moment I heard it, I couldn't stop looking for it.

The song begins in the EPISODE 1 of the SEASON 1 (E1 S1- Nikita), and the name of the episode is "Nikita" it's the first episode of all. The song begins at exactly 8th minute, while Madeline is talking to the Nikita words:
"Look at yourself. Admire yourself. You can learn to shoot. You can learn to fight, but there is no weapon as strong as your femininity".

PLEASE, PLEASE... CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHAT'S THE NAME OF THE MUSIC THAT PLAYS WHILE MADELINE'S TALKING TO NIKITA...SEASON 1 EPISODE 1  "Nikita", 8th minute... I've been searching for the song for so long ...

Thank you so much.

Hi, Robert.

Unfotunately, that was one of the pieces composed by Sean Callery specifically for the show.  He did release a soundtrack with some of the songs he composed for the show, but it didn't include that piece, and he never released, at least to my knowledge, the names or any other information about any of the other songs.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.


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