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La Femme Nikita/The round blue sticker on Nikita's tactical jacket


I don't mean to stump you, but I've noticed that round blue sticker that Nikita wears on the left sleeve of her tactical jacket. (The black one that she wears out on mission, it also has some black round dots on the design that look like velcro which I guess those are decorative). What is that blue thing for? Is that ever explained? If no, any guesses?

I've noticed it in previous seasons. It seems this tactical jacket is the only repeat jacket that Nikita has worn more than once (at least up to end of S4 where I noticed no other repeat coats for Nikita) and I kept seeing that blue sticker the last few episodes, which got me wondering. At first, I thought it was some embroidered emblem or logo but in The Evil That Men Do, there's a close enough shot that we see it shines like a sticker or plastic badge. I can't make out what's on it though, do you know? I thought it might have a tracer on it, but that's never brought up, unless I missed something which is very likely between Peta's Australian accent and Woodward & Dolenc's British accents, I'm all out of sorts! I rewind a lot but sadly they all seem to mumble way too much for me to keep up! (What is it with the whispers in this series? I raise the volume to the max and  rewind the whispering and then I'm almost waking up  my neighbors because every other sentence after a whisper is full volume!)

Sorry, I don't think I can ask 2 unrelated questions in one and I already have another question so I'll try to give you a chance to catch up, LOL! Thanks for your help! Pat

Hi, Pat.

That's a good question! Nothing was ever said about it, so it's just a guess. As an educated guess, I'd say that it could be a radiation badge, which turns from blue to black when in the presence of radiation. I've seen some on other shows that look similar. Not sure why she would be the only one to have one though.

And I sympathize with you totally on the mumbling! I've taken to watching certain shows, including LFN, with the closed caption on just because of that problem!

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