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La Femme Nikita/Why did Roy Dupuis leave the show as cast regular for S5?


Hello, LFN Expert!

I'm shocked that can't find this anywhere online at all! Why doesn't Roy Dupuis appear in most of S5? Didn't he care that the fans had a campaign to bring back the show for better closure? Wasn't he aware of what a battle the fandom put in to obtain S5? I'm certain that this was not a production decision or a writer's one. He had to refuse to appear and probably be coerced to do the final few episodes. But why??

Sorry to say, but it appears that thanks to him, the end of the show is pure garbage which kind of destroys the previous 4 seasons. Can barely keep my eyes open during S5, it is a snoozefest! (I'm shocked it even made it on DVD, not buying this one!)

Anyway, sorry for the rant but I'm  convinced that the writers had to scramble to write without Michael in the show. And Nikita acts like she doesn't even remember him, and couldn't care less even the few times she mentions him. If Dupuis hadn't refused to appear, they could have written a better ending! Was it just a money thing? Was Dupuis pulling a Larry Hagman/J.R. Ewing, holding off and bargaining for a lot more dough at the end?

Thanks for cluing me in here, very disappointed in Roy Dupuis! :(

Hi, Pat.

There never was anything said about it. We don't even know if it was Roy's choice or the producers/writers. I always assumed that it was the writers because he didn't totally abandon the show, but came in at the end of the mini-season.

Personally, I liked the ending (although not necessarily the entire season.) Sorry you didn't!  

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