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Hello Sir... I am 31 years old.. I have been detected 2.3cm liver hemongima in May 2014 with normal LFT report. Today again, i went for LFT test. My report is as follows
T. protein  - 7.4          
Albumin - 4.78          
Globuin - 2.6          
A/G Ratio - 1.82          
SGOT(AST) - 26          
SGPT(ALT) - 50          
Alk. Phopahate - 75         
Gamma GT - 37          
Billirubin (Total)- .72       
Billirubin (Direct) - .30     
Billirubin (Indirect) -.42

As per report my SGPT and Billirubin is high. Plz advice me whetether i have any liver illness or my report is worng due to hemongima.


    The report is a picture of what your body looked like at that moment in time. There is a possibility that that ALT and Billirubin are increased because of possible stress from the hemangioma. It would be important to know if this was just a routine screening of liver function, or if you are presenting with symptoms of any sort. Diagnosis someone with a condition does not come straight from labs, but from correlating signs/symptoms with lab findings. Because your other labs are within good functional range, and your SGPT isn't elevated to the point where it's 4x normal, if you did have any liver disease it would be very early on. But again, without symptoms it's hard to make a more accurate suggestion of what is going on. I would certainly follow up with the physician who ordered the labs and review if you need to re-test in a few weeks to see if this was just a weird finding on that day, or if you need further intervention. I certainly hope this was of assistance.

Dr. Kalli Prater  

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