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serum Birubin (Total): 1.0 mg/dl (Normal Range 0-1.0mg/dl)
Serum Bilrubin(Direct):0.4 mg/dl (Normal Range 0-0.25mg/dl)
Serum Bilrubin(Indirect)0.6mg/dl (Normal Range 0-0.75md/dl)
SGOT(AST)          :45.0 U/L  (Normal Range 0-38 U/L   )
SGPT(ALT)          :30.0 U/L  (Normal Range 0-45 U/L   )
Alkaline Phosphatase  :75.0 u/l  (Normal Range 15-112 u/l )

please tell me about my liver position and give suggestion
please any medical pricition

thanking u


Without knowing your previous medical history, current signs and symptoms it is hard to say "what" the position of your liver is. The values that appear out of range are your AST and ALT, in functional medicine I like to see these between 10-30. Because they are not significantly elevated I would assume you are not in acute liver distress, but something is going on here. I don't know if there is a history of hepatitis that is being monitored, fatty liver, alcoholism ect. Without knowing YOU and your specific concerns related to these values it is hard to give more advice than this. I will also say that if this is a one time elevation it could mean little to nothing aside that your liver was working harder that day. Also because the AST is elevated more so than the ALT, your gall bladder and or bile duct could be the cause of elevation. Either way, I would lay off heavy foods for a while and stick to whole vegetables and lean proteins to give your liver a little break, as well as lots of water.

Hopefully this was of help to you.

Dr. Kalli Prater

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