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My Range:      Normal Range:
WBC UA   10-25   0 - 2   /HPF
RBC UA   2-5   0 - 2   /HPF
BACTERIA UA   1+   None Seen   /HPF

The doctor did a microscopic test and there was still a little bit of blood in my urine, but there was no infection or anything. I am supposed to be donating a kidney to my Dad, but I can't if there is blood in the urine. What do you think this could be. I have had blood in my urine for most of my urine analysis's, but it's usually a trace, but this has been going on for a long time now.

Hi, and thank you for allowing me to answer your question.
First, I must stress, that a "clean catch" specimen is really not a good indicator of what may be going on in your system.  The reason is because not all clean catches are performed/collected very well.  And that is in no way your fault.  I would think that a test for something as important as a kidney transplant would be carried out using the best specimen possible.  Aside from a supra-pubic aspiration (where they thoroughly scrub your skin and puncture through to the bladder to collect urine), the next best specimen is a quick in-and-out catheter.  This specimen is what we recommend in  microbiology to ensure we get the cleanest, non-contaminated urine as possible.  A clean catch has many variables, such as how well the patient followed the cleansing instructions,  if the instructions that were given were adequate, etc.  Even the time it took between collection and analysis could make a big difference.  Now, your results are not alarming, and I would lean towards having another specimen taken via catheter.  Red cells can be present if you were on or recently had your period.  Squamous cells can be an indicator of a not so great collection.  Bacteria would be present because the vagina is teeming with natural flora, which could be misconstrued as an infection, though you have no symptoms.  If at all possible, request that another specimen be tested, using a quick in-and-out cath.  If you've never had one, it's not as bad as it seems.  
I hope I answered your question to your satisfaction.  Feel free to update me with any follow-up procedures or questions!


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