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QUESTION: I went to the clinic two months ago. They took routine blood tests. Then two months later I went back because I needed to follow up on something. The doctor that I never used before comes in and says 'Your lab test came back and two things are off' And the doctor tells me my cholesterol is a little high and my thyroid a little underactive. I know the results cannot be accurate because I don't have one symptom of what they say the blood tests results are. In fact I have the exact opposite. - I cannot gain an ounce no matter how hard I try and my diet is very healthy. However, the doctor that I never ever saw before this visit says the tests have to in error.

About two hours later I called the clinic and left a message for the doctor to call me back. But they never did. So the next day I called back around lunch time and demand that they call me back. The receptionist says 'I will definitely make sure they call you back immediately'. And another doctor that I didn't see called me back and says 'I don't know who told you that your cholesterol is a little high and your thyroid a little underactive, your tests came back normal - everything is perfect'

My questions: Should I ignore the doctor that I originally saw who read the tests results wrong and just go by the doctor who called me back" Should I file a complaint to the head of the department about the mis-read" Should I just put everything out of my mind and say 'The doctor that called me back reassured me. SHOULD I CALL BACK AGAIN AND TALK TO SOMEONE ELSE TO BE REASSURED ONE MORE TIME"

ANSWER: Do you have the results of the lab tests?  Usually, on the report, normal levels are given for comparison to the patients result.  I would request a copy of the results.  Then, take them to a doctor you trust and have him look over the results (or post them to me in a follow up).  I can let you know what is and is not normal.  Also, there is a correlation between hypothyroidism and slightly elevated cholesterol.  I battled my mother's physician on this.  It seems that when a person has hypothyroidism, their cholesterol level is falsely elevated on testing.  Fix the thyroid, and the cholesterol (if it is slightly elevated) should go back to normal.  Please post a follow up with the results, and if you cannot, please perhaps have another test run to set your mind at ease.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: You are not even reading the post.  I wrote I cannot gain weight no matter how hard I try. And the doctor who called me back told me that my cholesterol is perfect and my thyroid is perfect. She didnt understand why the doctor on call said the opposite. Read again

ANSWER: I read your post thoroughly.  I cannot tell you who to believe without seeing the results of your lab tests.  Perhaps you should read my post again.  It sounds like you want me to agree with the doctor who said all was fine.  I can't know this without your results.

Also, my mother, with hypothyroidism, is skinny as a rail and cannot gain weight no matter what she eats.

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QUESTION: No you did not read my post at all.  And you cannot be hypo and not gain weight. Your mom and I are both hyper.  You really do NOT know what you are writing about

Yes, ma'am, she is hypo-her dr. Confirmed it with lab tests. Every symptom doesn't accompany every disease.  I do know what I am writing about.  I'm sorry if you disagree.  I have 15 years in the practice and never once was told that I did not know my job.  I read you correctly.  You want me to tell you to ignore the first dr.  I asked for the results.  I never once insulted you, but you have me, more than once.

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