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results from ua GLUCOSE UA <1000 (+4) MEANS WHAT

Typically there is not supposed to be glucose in your urine, if you are measured at 4+ then there are more than just trace amounts of glucose in the urine, which is most likely indicative of increased serum glucose levels. A test value such as this may warrant further lab testing for diabetes or at least a Chem Panel to assess fasting glucose values.

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I can answer questions about routine lab work, functional lab ranges for optimal health, what lab tests should be considered and when you need to seek a second opinion. I can also answer questions about specialty testing like: stool testing, hormone testing, and saliva testing.


I run lab tests in my office as a functional medicine practitioner and use functional lab ranges looking for patient's optimal health not their disease. I review many charts and labs and look at trends through the years as well as current symptoms. Usually I find more things on labs that the traditional doctor that correlate to the patient's concerns/issues.

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