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hi dr. prater, on my latest blood test i have some readings that concern me about my health. here they are:

uric acid 9.4 range 3.5-8.0
triglyceride 148 range <150
glucose 82 range 65-99
gfr estimated 54 range >60
hemoglobin a1c 6.0 range <5.7

what do these figures mean and how do they relate to my current health.
i'm 6' tall and weigh 320 pounds.

Without knowing your current complaint (if any) or health history I cannot tell you how specifically these relate to your current health, I can give you a brief overview of what these tests are looking for though

Uric acid elevated is typically associated with a condition known as Gout. If you have joint pains, especially in your big toe, this could be the cause. Some people are genetically predisposed to have higher uric acid than others and thus more prone to stone formation in the form of Gout as well as kidney or gall bladder stones. If there is a large family history of these conditions, I would consider altering dietary intake and look up foods to avoid with high uric acid. Some off the top of my head are red wine and red meat, this will typically cause an increase in the uric acid as well.

Triglycerides are part of lipid panel and alone don't give me much to base your cardiovascular health off of. We need triglycerides in our body but having them too high can be risk for cardiovascular disease.

Glucose is looking at your blood sugar. Elevations are a sign of either insulin resistance or diabetes.

GFR is a kidney testing looking at filtration rate of proteins through your body.

Hemoglobin A1c is a real diabetes marker and the test results should include the ranges for low diabetes risk, pre-diabetic, and diabetes.

Hope this was of some help to you. Anything else I can do for you, please let me know.

Dr. Kalli Prater  

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