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My results are: WBC Esterase Negative A 2 +. What does this mean. Is it good or bad.

I'm guessing you did a urinalysis where they tested WBC Esterase. When it is positive it can mean 1 of 2 things- 1 The sample of urine was not performed using a clean catch technique (likely if you do not have signs/symptoms of a urinary tract infection) OR  2- you have a mild urinary tract infection, signs and symptoms would include burning during urination, blood during urination, pain during urination ect.

Sometimes it's a lab error, sometimes you have an infection that your body is naturally fighting off. It very much depends on your signs/symptoms to be correlated with your results.

Hope this is helpful for you.

Dr. Kalli Prater, D.C.  

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I can answer questions about routine lab work, functional lab ranges for optimal health, what lab tests should be considered and when you need to seek a second opinion. I can also answer questions about specialty testing like: stool testing, hormone testing, and saliva testing.


I run lab tests in my office as a functional medicine practitioner and use functional lab ranges looking for patient's optimal health not their disease. I review many charts and labs and look at trends through the years as well as current symptoms. Usually I find more things on labs that the traditional doctor that correlate to the patient's concerns/issues.

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