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What does Leukocyte Esterase  mean and when the test sasys abnormal A, what does that mean. Thank You Lea


This is an indicator of white blood cells within the urine, typically used to look for infection either bladder or someplace within the urinary tract. If it was positive and you have no symptoms it can mean that your body was fighting off naturally an infection as well.

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I can answer questions about routine lab work, functional lab ranges for optimal health, what lab tests should be considered and when you need to seek a second opinion. I can also answer questions about specialty testing like: stool testing, hormone testing, and saliva testing.


I run lab tests in my office as a functional medicine practitioner and use functional lab ranges looking for patient's optimal health not their disease. I review many charts and labs and look at trends through the years as well as current symptoms. Usually I find more things on labs that the traditional doctor that correlate to the patient's concerns/issues.

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