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I am a 64 year old female, 5' 102 lbs. I have had a vaginal discharge for over a year. my gyn has done culture after culture, tested me for everything from STD to cancer to genital culture, routine,Advanced Lab Study Of Cells, bacteria infections, Urine Analysis,and a Pap Test. Everything comes back negative. He says it is an "imbalance". There is no odor with this discharge. But it is very annoying. Wearing a panty liner is not the answer as I feel wet all the time and it burns like a urine leak. When my doctor shows it to me it is a whitish yellow milky type of discharge. I am now resorting to wearing a tampon all the time. Do you have an answer as to what to do for an imbalance? I know this is not your specialty but I thought I would ask and maybe you would have an answer.

Thanking you in advance.

An imbalance in what is the question. Sounds like they don't know what's going on, and if all the other testing so far as come back good then I wouldn't get too worried. Sometimes discharge can be increased by wearing bleached feminine products like panty liners and tampons. The vaginal canal is a self cleaning environment and I would not encourage wearing anything but a panty liner to let the discharge flush naturally. Perhaps the vaginal bacterial environment is imbalanced, I would perhaps try a feminine specific probiotic (yogurt does NOT cut it) with a good 50-90 billion bacteria per capsule to try.

Perhaps look into checking your progesterone and estrogens as well, perhaps it's a hormonal imbalance and this is your symptom... worth checking if it hasn't been checked.

Hopefully this offers some sort of help,

Dr. Kalli Prater  

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