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Labrador Retrievers/yellow lab eye color


Jenna wrote at 2009-06-02 00:18:49
We have the cutest yellow lab who is considered to be an albino.  AKC doesn't except them with any skin coloring that is pink.  Our dog, Yadi, has a pink nose, pink lips, and pink circles around his eyes instead of black, plus pink pad paws.  Other then that he is a beautiful wheat yellow with white "wings" on his shoulder blades.  He is super smart and I wouldn't trade him for an "exceptable" AKC dog for any price.  That is why we picked him out in the first place because he was so different and cute!!

Labman wrote at 2009-06-03 10:02:26
I am glad you love your dog.  In my original answer, I may have sounded more supportive of the breed standards than I am.  I think it is plain silly to worry about the color of the dogs nose.

Kayla P wrote at 2009-07-15 16:05:16
Yes, this is very normal. I have owned 2 AKC registered labs that were yellow with greenish eyes and pink/light brown nose. They do exist but are rare.

tifmoz wrote at 2012-11-12 15:39:05
All that means is that your puppy ingerited the chocolate skin pigmentation instead of the black pigment. It does not mean your pup isn't healthy. The eyes will stay greennish and the nose will stay pinkish. Reasearch Dudley Labs...that's what yours is! They are  absolutely beautiful! I raise labs, and have had a few of those. One of your pups parents must have either been chocolate or carried the chocolate gene and that pigment dominated in your pup! Completely normal!

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