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Land Rover Repair/Break Pump Noise


I have a 1999 Range Rover. Recently, I observe that the break oil pump is making intermittent noise-it will make a sound, stop and repeat same sound again. This happens continuously.

Also, the service engine soon light; TC light is permanently ON. Meanwhile "TRACTION FAILURE" and "ABS fault" is always showing on the dashboard message center.

Kindly advice how I can resolve this.

Hi Yomi,

the brake pump noise could be a bearing failure.  Best to find a replacement quickly before the pump seizes and you have a huge mess in the engine compartment.  If you plan to keep the Rangie for awhile, buy a new one from a reputable shop otherwise consider a salvaged one from a low kilometer vehicle.  

As for the TC and ABS lights, it's probably the ABS modulator that has a fault - a common problem with most LR's.  Only fix is to replace the component.  Before you go out and start buying the part, first do some tests to make sure that the brake pump is not the root of the problem.  Replace the brake pump first and then see what happens with the service lights after a few days.  Perhaps the braking system is causing the trouble.  

Best of luck,

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