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Hello John, thank you for the quick response.  I am being told that the water is indeed coming through the door seals.  So that is the poor design they are referring to in this case.  I read someone's post about using neoprene to make an extra boundary for water with a rear door leak.  Have you heard of doing this on the forward doors?  Thank you for the VT references for LR folks.  I didn't get those on my searches.

Hi Catherine,

I've not heard of neoprene as a replacement but if the shop thinks it'll work, ask them for a garantee.  I would also contact one of the shops I mentioned and get a 2nd opinion, may save you some time and money.  The more info you have the better decision you'll make.

One question:  how does the door look within it's frame?  Sometimes after a severe accident, the doors are remounted during repairs and the just don't fit properly.  Hinge could have been damaged or the post was's not an easy job to repair.  If it looks like the door is just off centre, you could need some shim work on the hinge.  This would allow the door to close correctly.  Just a thought.  

I once had to replace the tailgate door - the hinge had rusted.  It was easy to replace the hinge but hanging the door back on was a nightmare.  Shim work and adjustments took 'forever' and it water ingress suddenly became a problem back there.

As for the 'indie' LR shops, they are an important resource to have and could save you serious money and aggravation.  I'm done with dealers - only as a last possible option.  Just can't trust them anymore.

Best of luck with this water ingress problem.


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