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Land Rover Repair/Ac blower not turning on.


I just got a 2001 Land Rover Discovery II se from an uncle. The other day my blower just cut out. i did some research and is suggested or it was the transistor or the relays. i went for the transistor and it does look burnt and corroded. now what im doubting myself on is that most posts suggest that if it was the transistor i would have the highest speed going but im not getting even that. I went to a mechanic and he tested the blower it works. should i proceed and change the transistor , or would it be the relays . and if you think it might be the relays , how the heck do i get them out without taking out the blower. those tubber casings are impossible ! thanks you

Hi Gabriel,

replace the transistor and be done with it.  If it shows signs of corrosion and over-heating, it will have to be replaced.  I've read that the problem could be within the fusebox - does your Disco have water ingress problems?  Some owners have complained that water damage around fusebox resulted in problems with the electrics - like the blower, radio, ...  

I took a look at the RAVE regard the blower - removeal does not see that complicated.  Blower relay is other side of blower motor from resistor pack.

Send me an email and I'll respond with some diagrams and instructions if you decide to replace relay.  

While you examined the resistor pack, did you notice any other damage?  I would think that when you replace the damaged part, you'll find out soon enough if the relay was the cause.  It just won't work.

Q:  did you check fuse 7 in passenger fusebox?

Best of luck,

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