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Hallo. My dad just bought a used Freelander 2.0 Di and he's been having some troubles with the central door lock. By his words when he tries to open the doors with the handset all doors open but the driver's door (so he has to open it with his key). When he tries to close them they all close just fine. What seems to be the problem?

Hi Dalton,

a very common problem with most LR's.  The problem could be that the sill button lock rod is not being moved by the door latch assembly.  It seems to lock the door work ok (gravity ?) but unlocking is prevented as the sill door lock rod (which is long) has not moved.  

You will probably have to replace the latch.  You could look for a salvage latch (used from a car wrecker) or purchase one on-line (ebay) for about $100.

IF you need instructions to remove this latch, send me an email I'll reply as soon as I can.

Best of luck,

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