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QUESTION: Sir, My Range Rover Sport 2006 has a starting problem, I just bought it 3days ago and It was working fine..the next day I tried to start it all the lights at the dash board comes on but the engine doesn't pick up, and when this happens, the one way indicator keeps showing in front of the car without me putting it on, also the doors automatically opens and closes by itself without me pressing the unlock button. All this happens when the key is still at the ignition. I have tried to change the battery once, it started and did the same thing the next day, then I removed the installed tracker in the car, the car started and did the same thing the next day. Please what do you think is causing this problem, I'm so worried.

ANSWER: Hi Jamike,

could be a Body Control Unit (BCU) fault as this controls the components you mention.  You'll have to take your Rangie to a shop that can check for any BCU faults and run diagnostics to see if it needs replacement.  

Best of luck with this fine purchase,


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks Sir. For your swift response..A scanner has been plugged in to check its problem.and it says not able to connect with immobilizer. Please what does this mean?
The dealer is saying the key has a problem and needs to be changed. Also what is the
Cost for the BCU?

Hi Jamike,

depends on what you mean by scanner and who did the connection to the immobilizer.  IF the dealer is telling you this, you have a problem with the immob.  BCU and key are linked to immobilizer:

"The security system is split into three elements: the locking system, the alarm system and the immobilisation system.  The locking and alarm systems are controlled by the Body Control Unit (BCU). The immobilisation system is controlled by a dedicated ECU. The arming and disarming of the alarm system is linked to the activation of the locking system. The immobilisation system operation is independent of both the locking and the alarm systems."

So if you can't communicate with the immob. and dealer says you have a problem with the key, you could start your investigation there.  As for cost of BCU, I'm not familiar with UK prices as I'm located in N.America.  

Perhaps what you can do is find someone locally who can help you with this.  Here's a UK LR forum that is very good:

Registration is free and once there, I'm sure you'll finds someone who has had this problem and can give you leads as to how to fix this without costing you too much.  This is better than blindly swapping out components.  

Best of luck,

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