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Land Rover Repair/Fuel pump problems?


Quick run down of situation....2004 Land Rover Discovery(vin#SALTL19404A865379).
Ran completely out of gas one day. About a week after that situation truck got to where it was hard to crank. Never had a problem with it. Turn key, always fired right up. Now I turn key on, off bout 3 times fires up. I ran a analasis on it and got following codes : 1st code, Po 150 (bank 2 sensor1) o2 sensor circuit malfunction, #2 code, po174(bank 2) system to lean.  3rd code, p1174 manufacturer controlled fuel and air metering.  4th code, po441 evap emission control system purge flow fault.  Code 5, po159(bank 2 sensor 2) o2 sensor CKT slow response.  Guess my ?'s Would be, what's all this mean. Is it basically telling me fuel pump needs replaced?(burned it up) Purge pump screwed up? This past week the truck has not ran at all. I cranked it, fires up. I run it bout 30 min, cut it off for another 30, truck won't crank. It's trying to, just don't.  I can let it sit and it'll crank. I'm confused. Oh and if it's the fuel pump, where can I get the right one at?

I suspect the codes you mention were present in memory for a long time before the truck ran out of gas.   It's possible that running the truck out of gas damaged the fuel pump as it relies on immersion in fuel for cooling.  You would need to check that with a fuel pressure gauge - there is no electronic fault code for it.

As to what the codes say . . . they don't say any one thing.  The codes point to what are probably several unrelated and pre existing problems.  While I encourage you to fix those things I do not see anything in the codes that accounts for the failure to start.  Problems in the purge system have no effect on starting.  Neither do slow o2 sensors.  The 1174 might point to a failing mass air meter which might affect starting but I doubt it.

My vote would be that you have one of two problems:
- A failing crank position sensor
- A failing fuel pump

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