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i bought an accident damaged lr3 tdv6 hse 2007 model . the damage was only in front not very bad, after fixing it the car does not start it flashes hazards it does not even crank. i took the car to the garage which specialize with landrover and they told me that it needs a body control module , they fitted a new one but still its doing the same,what could be the problem

Hi Marshall,

it could be any number of faults that are causing this: ignition switch fault, security immobiliser, key fob fault, transmission shifter adjustment, even a low or weak battery can give you this problem.  I am leaning towards ignition switch as the cause.

Do you have a LR dealership nearby?  If your local independent LR mechanic can't find the problem you may have to take your LR3 to a (gulp) dealer.  

Best of luck,

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