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just got a 1997 range rover 4.0 se with no battery put battery in and it wont start, when i pull the key it tells me the key is still in.

Hi Michael,

when you say 'no start' do you mean no activity (starter does not attempt to turn over engine) or just that the engine turns over but does not ignite?

Basics of a 'no start' vehicle is to verify that you have: a) fuel, b) spark.

IF you turn the key and absolutely nothing happens - it could be the battery you selected or the starter.  Otherwise...

Determine if fuel is present using a fuel pressure gauge on the fuel line schrader valve.  You usually hear the fuel pump relay kick in when you turn the ignition key to position II.  If fuel is present, determine if spark is present at the spark plugs (various techniques available and online).  I would invest in a spark plug testor (since you are a LR owner) and I know you'll be needing it more than once.  ahem.

IF after determining that fuel and spark exist and still no start - could be a number of causes:  fuel relay, starter solenoid, various relays, even the fusebox itself.  

At this point, you'll need some testing equipment to see if any fault code exist.  

Best to have it towed to an independent LR shop (if not available  ... dealer ...).  They will have the equipment and techniques to find the fault quickly and (hopefully) not start swapping out parts blindly.

Best of luck,

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