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I have a shake or vibrating going on.  It feels like it comes from automatic gearbox as I can feel it under the driver side when I'm driving and besides a trans repair (due to driveshaft break) done over 2 month ago the transmission fluid and filter were changed. Also front oxygen sensors were changed recently.  The window will also not let up on driver side, this only happened along with shake not sure if they are related.  2001 Land Rover Discovery II.  Can you give me any ideas on where to start.

Hi Connie,

you still have some issues with the gearbox and perhaps the driveshaft.  It's only been 2 months (?? kms) so take it back to where it was repaired and insist the problem has not been fixed.  The O2 sensors would not cause this shake and, yes, the driver side window is a separate problem, common to all LR's.

Start with the shaking trouble - have the shop look at the problem again (insist that it was not repaired correctly).  I'm sure there are consumer protection laws in ON that can help you if they refuse.

The window not working could be caused by the window motor, the switch, the security system, the central control (window ECU)... if you step back, it's a design flaw that has haunted LR's for years (decades?).  It could be costly to repair as the shop will no doubt do swap outs until the problem is solved.  If your shop is honest, they'll do the detective work properly and only swap parts that were faulty.  I hope this is the case for you.

If you think you can do this work yourself (window), send me an email and I'll give you some docs that can help.

Best of luck,

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