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I have a 98 range rover hse 4.6 awesome car till now, the abs and tc light were on and off for a few days and while driving it to the shop to get oil change and looked at the break peddal started going all the way down to the ground! I tried to pump it but still wouldn't stop very well. There were no leaks I checked and the canister for the break fluid was full! Please tell me what I need to do or get to get my baby back to run??? It's my only car.  Thanks

Hi Sandra,

it could be the master cylinder (MC) that is at fault;  fluid is slipping past seals when there should be compression.  Another cause could be badly worn brake pads that require more brake pedal pressure to engage the brakes (rare but possible).  It could also that air has been sucked into the brake lines and thus brake pressure is affected.  Caliper pistons could be rusted or pitted and thus allows grit, grime and eventually air to be drawn into the brake line.

I would require either replacing the MC, replacing calipers or rebuilding them (kits exist),  new brake pads, rotors, perhaps even wheel bearing, if this triggered excessive brake wear.  

If you know what you are doing, you could try to see if there is air in the brake line.  You wuold have to 'bleed' the brake lines to see if any air exists.  The question would remain, how did the air get there?

I would have the Rover towed to a local garage and have them give you an estimate of the repair.  Local mechanics are more than capapble of doing this repair - unless you want the
dealer expertise - which comes at a premium price.

Best of luck,

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