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Hi John,
I am totally stuck I bought this lovely vehicle v8 petrol/prinns converted LPG 4 months ago and after a couple of months I started getting the three amigo lights as they seem to be known by come up occasionally on the dash Do not know what is causing them but it stopped now today I go and fill her up at our local gas station and on the way home no drive she wouldn't pick up to overtake on the outside lane so I pulled her over and no drive tried moving the high and low ratio gears but nothing.
Got her home now on low loader from rac.
Getting green warning lights on the dash one with m in and one with s in also the tiny red dot lights either side of the D on the gear lever are flashing, any ideas please as our main dealer is just too expensive for me and the other one said it should be written off but she only 2001/2002 and i cant afford to write off 4000 pounds in four months,

Please help me if you can
Kindest regards,

Hi Katherine,

M&S lights indicate transmission trouble.  The '3 amigos' indicate problems within braking, ABS system.

M&S could be as simple as a weak battery = have this checked at a local shop.

Here is a website (UK) that would be better for you to use:

You can find a local shop by asking UK Land Rover owners.  They'll know who you can contact and this will save you money.

3Amigos - most likely the ABS modulator but if you've had brake work done or you need to have brake work done, this could be the cause.  IF it needs brakes or there is a hub problem, this can trigger the lights.

I hope this helps a little.  From what you've described I don't think it will be too expensive to repair - just depends on what is causing the transmission trouble.

Best of luck,

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